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Beyond 50 is America's Variety Talk Radio Show.  Originally designed for those in midlife (or approaching midlife), we have found over the 10 years of broadcasting that this is truly a program for ALL ages. The online radio show offers compelling topics that are informative, educational, and fun.

Beyond 50 is holistic in it's approach to solution-oriented programming that is alternative-minded and eclectic.  We showcase celebrities, bestselling authors, top experts, and visionary leaders  from around the world.  You can experience new insights and breakthroughs not usually found in mainstream resources.

Visionary, Informative, Fun

 Beyond 50's Radio Interviews: September 2017 

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN): Effective Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases & Chronic Medical Conditions
Saturday, September 2
12 p.m. (PT)/3 p.m. (ET)

Back to Balance:
The Art, Science, and Business of Medicine

Wednesday, September 6
9 a.m. (PT)/12 p.m. (ET)

Herbalism of Place: The Medicine of Knowing Where You Are

Thursday, September 7
9 a.m. (PT)/12 p.m. (ET)

Meaning at Work - And Its Hidden Language

Thursday, September 14
9 a.m. (PT)/12 p.m. (ET)

The Reinvention Warrior:
Fight Fatigue the Natural Way

Friday, September 15
12 p.m. (PT)/3 p.m. (ET)

Get Rich with Dividends: A Proven System for Double-Digit Returns

Friday, September 22
12 p.m. (PT)/3 p.m. (ET)

Breakup Rehab

Wednesday, September 20
9 a.m. (PT)/12 p.m. (ET)

Beyond 50 Radio: Top Video of the Week                       

 Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN): 
Effective Treatment for Autoimmune
Diseases and Chronic Medical Conditions

For Beyond 50's "Medical Care" talks, listen to an interview with Linda Elsegood. She is the founder of the LDN Research Trust. She'll talk about Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) that hold the potential to help millions of people suffering from various autoimmune diseases and cancers, and even autism, chronic fatigue, and depression, find relief. Administered off-label in small daily doses (0.5 to 4.5 mg), this generic drug is extremely affordable and presents few known side effects. Elsegood has Multiple Sclerosis and has been taking LDN with great success for her medical condition over the last 10 years. You'll also find out about resources available for doctors, pharmacists, and patients who want to know more about LDN. Tune in to Beyond 50: America's Variety Talk Radio Show on the natural, holistic, green and sustainable lifestyle. Visit and sign up for our Exclusive Updates.


The Raging Skillet: True Life Stories of Chef Rossi

Hidden Meanings Behind the "Wonder Woman" Movie

South African Shaman, John Lockley

The Song of Increase: Returning to Our Sacred Relationship with Honeybees

Hidden Meanings Behind the Movie, "Ghost in the Shell"

How Science Lost Its Sou
l in Autism

500 Dates

Hidden Meanings Behind the "La La Land" Movie

Naked Money

Beyond 50 Radio: Article of the Week                      

Ha! I Laugh in the Face of Cancer

For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" radio talks, listen to an interview with Susan Liberty HallA former Playboy Bunny in 1964, she took responsibility for her health by healing herself of Breast Cancer.  You'll learn about how she regained her health with using the Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, nutritional supplements, and an American Indian herbal remedy called Two Feathers Healing Formula.

On April, 5, 2012, she ordered the Two Feathers Healing Formula and began taking it internally twice per day in capsules.  Fourteen days later, the first tumor had disappeared.  It seemed to have collapsed.  Hall could not longer see it or feel it.  Three days later, the second tumor had collapsed.  Five weeks later, one of the tumors popped out and was released from the tumor site.

Additionally, Hall sprayed Colloidal Silver Water on the wound each day and several Young Living Essential Oils that are the protocols recommended (based on the book, "Essential Oils Desk Reference") for Breast Cancer: Frankincense, Myrtle, Sandalwood and Tsuga.

Hall regards Cancer as being caused by a fungus or parasites and is curable.    Altogether, there were 18 tumors (that originally looked grayish-white like fungus), dead and gone (in photo above). 

Extensive lab tests (such as the Anti-Malignin Antibody in Serum) taken were solid proof that she became Cancer-free.

Beyond 50's Recommended Resources

 The Hidden Story of Cancer: There is a Cure! - Prof. Brian Peskin from Texas expanded on the idea that Cancer is from lack of oxygen within the cells, based on the research of Nobel prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg.   He created a cocktail formula of Parent Essential Oils (PEO) to oxygenate the cells using natural ingredients.

Knockout! Interviews with Doctors Who are Curing Cancer - Written by famous actress and author, Suzanne Somers.   She goes over an array of innovative cancer treatments that build the body, rather than than tearing it down: no chemo, radiation or surgery used.   It can all lead back to building the immune system to create Super Immunity.   Somers writes in a Q & A format, interviewing the healing practitioners who are getting amazing medical results. 

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The Reinvention Warrior: Fight Fatigue the Natural Way

Herbalism of Place: The Medicine of Knowing Where You Are

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Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN): Effective Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases & Chronic Medical Conditions

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