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In preparation for potential threats to your life and property, Beyond 50 recommends that you stock up on what's needed for your basic survival and learn from experts about preparedness practices, just in case of an emergency when SHTF.

Potential Threat: State and national elections are all rigged.

 - Start up a bartering fair in your community to exchange goods and services without money.

 - Stop a fire fast with the First Alert EZ Fire Spray.

 - Having a cold steel baseball bat can come in handy when you're under attack.

- 40 Days Eating Only Canned Beans - 191 Tins   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Water rationing throughout the Western states.

 - Try out a foldable kayak that is lightweight, super stable and maneuverable.

- If you like Worcestershire sauce, get Worcestershire powder as an alternative to last longer in storage.

- Bungee cords come in handy for a variety of uses as an emergency belt; keep trash bags secure; strap together your yoga mat; stretch to create a clothesline; wrap up messy extension cords; make a shelter with a tarp; for stretching exercises; and more.

- Turn Rice into Fluffy Bread in 1-Hour   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Rioting and street justice done by the angry masses.

 - Wearing a whole-body, raincoat overalls can protect you in very bad weather.

 - Edward & Sons Trading Company makes beef-flavored, chicken-flavored and fish-flavored, vegan bouillon cubes (without the meat).

 - If you've got firearms, get the GuardTech Gun Cleaning Kit for it.

 - After Sick Clean: How to Disinfect Your House Post Sickness  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Residential water has been poisoned.

 - One of the very best emergency radios that can be powered manually with a hand crank, batteries, or run on solar is the Voyager Pro by Kaito.   It has numerous, valuable features.

 - If you need protection from a flood, get a water activated flood barrier
that grows to 3.5" high in minutes and designed to divert water.

 - Glue can be made with simple ingredients: sugar, white flour, vinegar (or lemon juice), vinegar, baking soda and water.

 - Master Recipe for Making Medicinal Herbal Syrups Using Any Herb (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Riots spreading around the globe from soaring costs of living.

 - Use a mix of coconut oil and baking soda to make a natural toothpaste.

- Have a supply of WD-40. It has multiple uses: an insect and wasp repellent, remove stains (in fridge, on walls, and flooring), keeps a window defrosted, removes rust, waterproofing footwear, degrease your hands, extend the life of spark plugs, remove barnacles from a boat.

 - Read "After the Shift" series by Grace Hamilton about the Earth's crust shifting that leaves what was once the North Pole in the Middle of the Atlantic, plunging humanity into an Ice Age.

- The First to Die During a Collapse...SURPRISE!   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Societal collapse that leads to gang warfare.

 - When there's no electricity and you can't, get a non-electric sweeper that's for rugs and bare floors.

 - In an economic collapse where the dollar has lost all of its value, have some gold bucks to make your transactions. They are made of gold and the average exchange rate is $3.78 per bill. Many businesses in Utah, New Hampshire, Nevada and Wyoming accept gold bucks.

 - Get your Freedom Phone that is a DeGoogled Smartphone without the spying eye and tracking of Big Tech. Works with any carrier in North America. Not made in China.

- Learn how to make a Self-Wicking Garden Container - No Holes, No Fabric   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The US government had purchased 30,000 advanced guillotines for mass executions. They've been placed at military bases and FEMA camps.

 - Seychelles makes a straw water filter that filters out radiation and heavy metals in case of a nuclear attack.

 - Cigarettes and alcoholic drinks make great bartering items during a societal collapse.

 - Have several can openers if you're stocking up on canned foods.

 - Learn to Build a Camper You Can Tow with Your Bike   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Massive layoffs in many industries from inflation, supply chain collapse and being short of staff.

 - Bluetti EP500 5100Wh SOLAR Lithium Battery is reliable as a portable whole house generator.

 - Purchase organic nuts to make nut milks and cheeses when cow's milk is unavailable.

 - The UV Paqlite is a unique glow light that lasts a lifetime. No need for batteries or bulbs. Glows all night for over 10 hours. You can recharge it by exposing to 1 minute of sunlight. Acts as a night light.

 - How to Turn Leaves Into Potting Mix  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Pharmacies, such as Rite Aid and CVS, are starting to close many of their stores nationwide from theft and lack of supplies.

 - You can buy a small amount of land, place a pole barn on it and park an RV to live in as a simple, bug-out location.

 - When there's no water, a smoke bath is an alternative to showering.

 - Invest in carbon steel and cast iron cookware because they last the longest.

 - Russia's Super EMP Weapons Explained   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Federal government places many restrictions on the use of crypto-currency.

 - Your doctor may not be here for you, so prepare by getting "The Home Doctor" book, written by a doctor on how to manage most health situations when help is not on the way.

 - Dr. Bronner's pure castille liquid soap can be used many ways: for washing the face, shaving, brushing your teeth, rinsing fruit, laundry, all-purpose cleaning, washing dogs, controlling bugs, and more.

 - Flies Be Gone is a non-toxic and odor-free fly trap to catch thousands of flies per bag.  The bait used is a blend of sterilized food materials that's attractive to a fly's natural instincts.  Once trapped, they can't escape. 

 - Learn to grow perennial vegetables and design a perennial food forest.  You can plant perennials once and they harvest for years.   (See Videos Above)

Potential Threat: China is creating medical supply shortages: saline solution, IV flushes, injectible steroids, sterile gloves, injectible anti-inflammatories, and much more.

 - Usnea Lichen (also called "Old Man's Beard") is a medicinal plant that hangs from trees, rivals Penicillin.  It can also be used as a fire starter.  Usnea Lichen can treat staph, MRSA, strep throat, and other conditions.

 - Have potassium iodide on hand, in case of a nuclear attack.  It protects your thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodide that can cause it to malfunction and lead to cancer.

 - Non-Electric Kitchen Item: A mortar and pestle comes in handy to ground vegetables, herbs,  

 - Smart Girl Make Fish Trap Using PVC And Plastic Bottle To Catch A Lot of Fish  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The federalization of police to do away with community policing.

 - Learn about the Red Flag Law, a type of gun confiscation law.  You'll also want to know about 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries across 37 states at

 - Make your own fertilizer from food scraps with a Worm Factory.  Worms consume 5 - 8 pounds of waste per week.  It's an odorless operation.

 - Fabrics made with a cotton and polyester blend work best to keep you cool during a hot summer.

 - How to Create Your Own Safe Room with a Secret Door  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:
The weaponization of food.

 - In case of blackouts from an unreliable electrical grid this Summer, have some assets offline.

 - Made of stainless steel, this bonfire fire pit is smokeless.  The flames get 400-degrees Fahrenheit hotter than conventional fires.  Great for the outdoors.

  - Herbal Armor Natural Insect Repellent that's Deet-free. 

  - Know the True Shelf Life of Medicines.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The government takes away your passport as part of medical tyranny.

 - Get a Hand-Crank Generator to produce power when there's no electricity or sunlight.
 - A battery organizer that's fireproof and waterproof adds better storage protection.
 - For those who don't like guns with a bullet in it, a net gun (that's really designed for capturing animals, large and small) can give you time to get away from your human attacker.
 - Off-Grid Water Distillation - Water can be distilled using sticks and twigs as fuel with a Rocket Stove and an Alcohol Still.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: More gain-of-function viruses are released from bio-weapons labs around the world.

 - is a great source of nuts, grains, superfood powders, and healthy candies.
 - Strike this match 10,000+ times.  Just fill with Zippo lighter fluid.  It's very lightweight.  Works under many conditions: wind, cold and drenched.
 - Get a Zero Gravity Chair to feel weightless and more relaxed.  It's designed to promote better blood circulation to help the heart work better, but also expand your lungs to a fuller position.   
 - Learn 3 Ways to Use Spring Dandelions.   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Rationing of gasoline and natural gas.

 - If you don't have a food dehydrator, you can use an oven or air fryer on low heat.

 - A small solar fan with solar panel can come in handy when there's no electricity available during the high heat of summer.  
 - Ranger Bands are super strong rubber bands used by Army Rangers.  It's a simple band that can be as valuable as duct tape, cable ties, and paracord.  Made of the toughest rubber available, it resists cracking from heat, UV exposure and saltwater.
 - Learn to make homemade BlackBerry Wine.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: You now live in a Smart City with heavy surveillance within your home and outside of it.

 - Wear a cache belt that has a secret storage space for small items like money, an important key, survival tools, and more.
 - Get the book, "Soap Making and Candle Making for Beginners" by Richard Walter Hart.

 - You don't need electricity to cut, slice, shred, or grind your foods with a round mandolin.
 - Basic bike maintenance is an essential skill to know.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The American government turns over our Constitutional rights to the UN and World Health Organization.

 - Buy dwarf fruit trees for a small yard. They can provide an abundance of full-sized fruit. When the tree matures, it can grow anywhere between 8 - 10 feet tall and wide.

 - Garden with a wheel hoe that way homesteaders do it.
 - Use liquid parraffin lamp oil to light your home.  It's clear, smokeless and odorless and without harmful soot or other pollutants often found in kerosene.
 - Learn to build an Earthen Oven without any store bought materials.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Mega-Droughts and forest fires throughout the Western United States that ruin crops.

 - To keep from falling asleep behind the wheel, get AlertMe.  An alarm goes off if you start to nodding while driving.  It's a lifesaver!

 - Have physical maps on hand to mark out the valuable resources within your community, just in case you don't have internet access.

 - For those who have a well, a solar water pump can deliver 1 - 75 gallons per minute.

 - When there's no wheat flour, make Potato Bread.   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The Climate Change Agenda keeps everyone in lockdown indefinitely to reach zero carbon goals.

 - Track the different levels of Defcon, especially in Europe, Ukraine and Russia by going to

 - This mini-saw can come in handy for indoor and outdoor use.

 - Protect your wealth by placing it in an IRA that's backed by gold and silver.

 - Must See!  This is How They Quietly Prepare to Starve a Nation 
(See Video Above)

Potential Threat: A shortage of pharmaceutical medicines that are made outside of the US.

- Turn any bike into an E-Bike with this lightweight, innovative invention.
 - For your safety: get a 4.5 million stun gun that's built into a tactical light that looks like a hand-held flashlight with an emergency strobe, weighing just 5 ounces.  The bulb lasts 100,000 hours and it's also water resistant.

 - Read "Currency Wars" by Jim Rickards and "Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver" by Mike Maloney to prepare for the end of the US dollar.

 - America is rationing baby formula.  Here some recipes for making homemade baby formula that's full of nutrients. 
(See Video Above)

Potentional Threat: The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution goes away.

 - If you have a small space, you can grow your garden in a mini, walk-in green house.
 - Most rocket stoves are heavy and bulky.  There's a new design that's light, foldable and small enough to fit in a backpack.

 - It looks like a bar of soap, but is made to condition your hair.  Contains plant-based ingredients.  
 - Learn how to read the beach and understand wave action. 
(See Video Above)

Potential Threat: A shortage of rubber would affect transportation worldwide.

 - This tactical hoodie is weatherproof, made of polar fleece, has lots of pockets (at the front, arms, and backside) with reinfoced zippers, and reinforced hems.

 - The Radiological Water Pitcher can filter 150 gallons of water that has the following contaminants: gross beta, alpha radium 226, cesium 137 & 134, uranium and radon 222.

 - These are the fastest growing vegetables, from sowing to harvest: salad leaves (21 days); radishes (25 days); spinach (30 days); carrots (50 days); and bush beans (60 days).

 - All About Cast Iron Cookware: Cleaning, Maintenance & Re-Seasoning (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: A nuclear exchange between countries.

 - You can generate your own energy with a hand crank to charge any small device like a cell phone, tablet, digital video camera, and hand-held gaming device.

 - Most gas masks are made for adults.  If you need one for a child or teenager that can provide hours of protection, get the Mira Safety CM-3M Child Escape Respirator.
 - Build a modern-looking yurt for as low as $7,000 that you can live in as a primary or secondary home.

 - Learn how to pickle eggs with vegetables.   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Double digit inflation that lasts for years.

 - As the cost of meat becomes expensive, you can flavor your meals with the taste of bacon, beef or chicken, made from a mix of plant-based seasonings.

 - Learn to shoot a gun with a laser version that comes with stand targets for dry fire practice.  LEDs light up to confirm shot.

 - Head over to your Farmer's Market and get to know the local growers.  You can arrange a monthly subscription to get seasonal foods they grow, gather or catch.

 - How to Transform Your Lawn into a Food Forest   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: A new, bio-weaponized pandemic spreads.

 - Hybrid seeds are superior to Heirloom seeds because they are more resistant to insect infestation and disease.  Hybrid with non-GMO seeds combined are even better to buy.

 - Send text messages, get GPS, and weather updates with a Bivystick that is a satellite-based technology that's smaller and lighter than a cell phone.

 - If you have to store gasoline, use STA-BIL to keep fuel fresh for up to 24-months.

 - When the lights go out, a solar lamp can provide between 4 - 8 hours of soft, white lighting. Choose between two levels of brightness. It's best to get several of these for all the rooms in your home. Just charge the solar lamps during the daytime by a window or outside, then bring them indoors to use all night.

 - How to Prepare for EMP Weapons with NASA Engineer  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The price of gasoline is nearing $10 per gallon.

 - If a cyber-attack takes the grid down, you can still get informed with a solar-powered, off-grid radio that's waterproof with a lamp built in.

 - Store 2.5 gallons of water in a very slim container with a faucet attached.

 - Get a hand-held sized drone to survey an area if you're lost or use it for aerial surveillance of your property.

- How to Survive a Cyber Attack  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Panic buying of food and gas.

 - If you don't have a can opener, you can run the top of the can over a concrete sidewalk, back and forth, until you've worn down the can's lip around it.

 - To prevent bugs, sprinkle food-grade, Diatomaceous Earth around your storable foods. It's designed to kill insects by dehydrating them.

- When you have to transport things and can't use your car, keep a small wagon or sled in your home, in case of an emergency.    
  - Comparing Solar Generators    (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: You're falsely charged by the government as a terrorist and lose your civil rights.

 - When criminals are trying to steal your online information, get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your digital connection and prevent them from tracking your internet activity.

 - A creative way to store your gold and silver coins are in old VHS videotape boxes or inside a disused computer tower.

 - A reliable wallet that doesn't fall apart that easily is one made of industrial-strength elastic that can hold your cash and plastic cards.

 - How To Navigate Using the Stars   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The US economy goes into hyperinflation and becomes more like Venezuela.

 - The Ronco Pocket Fisherman, one of the original As Seen on TV products is a classic since 1972.  It's collapsible to fit in your pocket and glove compartment.  Hidden within the handle is a mini tackle box to store lures.  Perfect for adults and kids of all ages.

 - is a news headline aggregation website that harvests real-time headlines from around 40 of the most censored indy news websites on the internet.

 - MultiVoltz can heal damaged cell phone batteries and charge your device 4X faster.  By design, the batteries become less efficient with age.

 - How to Eat Trees to Survive   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Climate Change Lockdowns

 - Shungite Stones can be submerged in boiling water for 10-minutes to sterilize them.

 - For your bike, get a multi-tool repair kit stored in a waterproof bag that can hang from your bike's frame.

 - Store butter powder that is made from 100% real butter and nonfat dry milk that is non-GMO and rBST Hormone Free.

 - Become a Tracker of Wildlife   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Hospitals following medical protocols that harm or kill patients.

 - Buy flour in bulk and make your own pasta noodles.

 - The Bastyon internet service, founded by Daniel Satchkov, that is designed to not go down, no matter what "kill shot" is used by a government.

 - Use Clorox for purifying your rain water.

 - Clear Tea Bag Box is designed for organizing and storage, using a durable shatter-resistanc plastic.  It can also be used to hold beverage bags, coffee pods, and condiment packets.  

 - How to Make a Simple and Strong PVC Water Pump   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Seed shortages are expected this New Year.

 - Protect yourself from EMF frequencies with fabric made of 100% silver fiber that's soft and washable.  Use it to make your own clothing, curtains, bedding, tent, and covering of your mobile electronics.

 - Get an inflatable hot tub that seats four people and is easy to transport to soak in warm water outdoors.

 - Grow your own foods, following the Permaculture way by reading the classic book called "Gaia's Garden" for whatever size your garden.

 - 72 Types of Americans That are Considered a Threat by the Government   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The grid is down.  Your drinking water from the faucet smells funny and is tainted.

 - A manual water pump can be placed on your 3 - 6 gallon water jugs to dispense it out quickly or slowly.  Anyone of any age can easily use the pump, from children to seniors.

 - Kelly Kettle is like a teapot with a built-in rocket stove, plus chimney to boil water quickly within the double-walled water chamber or cook food on top.  You can use sticks or twigs for fuel in the fire base.  Made of anodized aluminum, it's built to last a lifetime.

 - Get a survival axe that has an extension with a built-in saw, fish knife, flint/magnesium rod, safety hammer, emergency whistle, hand rope and compass.

 - How to Create a Watertight Underground Bunker and Food Cache for $699   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The use of QR Codes to track a two-tiered society of vaccinated and un-vaccinated.

 - The LifeStraw home water filter pitcher protects you against bacteria, parasties, microplastics, and a variety of chemicals.  Holds 7 cups.  It's long-lasting filter life lasts 264 gallons.

 - Grow potatoes in a breathable and waterproof, 7-gallon fabric planter bag wtih a velcro window you can peel away to see them grow without having to dig in the soil. The bag is reusable to grow more foods.

 - The ideal tactical vest is not just ergonomic, but also light and comfortable to move around in easily with lots of padding and pockets.

 - How to Bug Out with Pets in An Emergency   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: People going into Quarantine Camps.

 - Stock up on perennial seeds for the vegetables to come back every year.   

 - Buy junk silver for transactions if and when the global financial system were to collapse.  Apmex is a good source of currency metals.

 - Read "Demon in the Freezer", a fictional story where the smallpox virus that has been kept in two high-security freezers at the CDC in Atlanda and Vector virology institute in Siberia, Russia, had been set loose.

 - Make your own trip wire alarm system: low tech and higher tech version that's insanely loud.   (See Videos Above)

Potential Threat: It's official. California just banned the sale of portable generators, which includes generators mounted in recreational vehicles.

 - It may be dangerous to drive around if the traffic lights and street lights aren't working, so make sure you've got a good-working bike with a cargo trailer attached to carry up to 88 lbs.

 - Save your food by placing it in a plastic bag and running through a vacuum sealer machine.

 - Having several 5-gallon buckets can come in handy for many emergency uses.

 - Learn Morse Code through picture association.   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: There is a shortage of skilled workers at nuclear power plants.

 - Find Thousands of Jobs That Will Not Require You to Take the RNA-Modifying-Nano-Technology-And-Graphene-Oxide-Filled COVID-19 Vaccines

 - Stay warm this Winter with a thermal and extremely soft, Sherpa Fleece Blanket.

 - Line your room or garage with Heat Reflect to keep it warm during the colder months.  Stops 97% of radiant heat loss and heat gain using commercial grade reflective foil.

 - How to Use/Shoot a GLOCK Handgun for Beginners!   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Wholesale food costs going up 50% every 2 months.

 - Boss Security Screens resist attempts by intruders who use a bat or crowbar to break in through your window.

 - Smell-proof stash bags are safe, secure, discreet and waterproof.

 - Always Pan is a cult-favorite bestseller that can replace 8 traditional pieces of cookware that serves as a fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, and holder of spatula and spoon.

 - Do you have a wood stove? Tips to Get More Heat Using Firebricks, Small Fan, and Some Laundry Duct    (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: You can't rely on the police, first responders, and firemen in your town due to a labor shortage.

 - If you need to collect snow for water, warm it up in a 2-gallon, heated bucket that runs on 60 watts.  When there's no electricity, plug it into a generator (powered by gasoline or solar) to melt it faster.

 - Australian Sheepskin Insoles are placed within your shoes or boots to feel soft and warm during the Winter, especially when temperatures are 10-degrees to 40-degrees below zero.  

 - Protect your home and family with a solar-powered, outdoor security camera with built-in night vision, two-way talk, siren alarm, and motion detection.

 - Dan the Food Industry Guy: Trends That Threaten Your Holiday Jingle (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Major fertilizer companies are shutting down to create food insecurity.

 - You can use a portable, Solar Oven to bake food and dry produce and herbs that weighs on 1 lb, 2 oz.   Easy to assemble and can reach temperatures of up to 285-degrees Fahrenheit.

 - Get a walking stick made of aluminum with a built-in compass, magnesium (to build a fire), and whistle.

 - Make your own exfoliating, botanical soaps that smell great.

 - Learn How to Make Your Own Compost Tumbler: Cheap and Easy  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Robot Dogs used for policing neighborhoods.

 - You can use an Excalibur Food Dehydrator to make delicious dog treats easily with liver, smelt, chicken strips, and beef slices.

 - Get the book, "Prepper's Home Defense: Security Strategies to Protect Your Family by Any Means Necessary" by Jim Cobb

 - Have the QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze for medical emergencies that can stop bleeding within minutes.  It's used by the military, hospitals, and first responders.

 - Unboxing & Testing My Chinese "$2,000" ELECTRIC Truck!  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The coming Climate Lockdowns that only allow you to travel within 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) from where you live.

 - Flex Jobs - This is one of the best online sites to find work from home, hybrid and flexible job opportunities in 50+ carrer categories.  You'll also find resources, events and virtual job fairs on

 - The UCO Chandelier Lantern provides 5,000 BTU to heat up a cold room or tent for 9-hours and gives off zero carbon monoxide.   

 - The CanCooker is ideal to cook up to 2 lbs. of food under medium to low heat like a slow cooker.  It uses steam to create a natural convection and is made with a food grade aluminum and a non-stick surface.

 - Why Dutch Bikes are Better   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: You are forced to use QR Codes and a medical app to illegally track and trace you.

- Keep your PVC pipes from bursting this Winter by replacing them with PEX, which expands under high-pressure situations, like water freezing.  
 - Buy a supply of Apple Cider Vinegar with the "Mother" to can make fermented foods full of probiotics from your fruits and vegetables.

 - A good skill to have is using a field compass to read a map.  This can be taught to young children.

 - Flextape is a magical and universal waterproof tape.  Seals out water, air and moisture.  Can be applied hot or cold, wet or dry, even underwater!

 - Learn to Build a Dakota Fire Pit That's Better Than a Campfire (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: You can't afford to pay for mortgage, groceries and utilities every month due to hyperinflation.

- These Zip Ties for Tires are an alternative to Tire Chains that's much easier to install and can give you traction for traveling through snow, mud and ice.

 - Get a Security Fireproof Bag that can withstand 2,000-degrees Fahrenheit, plus it's waterproof, to store your valuables.   

 - You can cook pizza outdoors, but also BBQ meats and poultry with this portable pizza oven on wheels that's made of steel.  It has an open and close chimney and runs on wood charcoal.  

 - Top 10 Tactical Boots for Military and Survival 2021  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Power goes down for weeks from a Solar Storm that hits Earth.

 - This hand-held Solar Power Bank to charge (with 10,000mAh) a cell phone, laptop, or other small digital devices.  It's waterproof with built-in compass and flashlight.  Can charge 3 cell phones at once.

 - The San Hima Car Roof Cargo Carrier can fit on top of cars, vans and SUV.  If you have over-packed, place your cargo materials in their waterproof storage bag that can expand to 15 feet.  Comes with straps and anti-slip roof mat.

 - You can cook two pans at once on this ceramic electric hotplate with an infrared cooktop that's easy to clean.

 - The ULTIMATE Medical Kit! Parts  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The banks do a bail-in to take all of the money in your account.

 - Get a rain barrel that looks like beautifully-designed pottery that also serves as a garden planter for plants and flowers.

 - Fireball is an innovative product that is a fire extinguisher shaped into a ball with a wider dispersion area.  It is activated within 3 seconds of touching a flame to kill the fire.

 - Whistles used by the Navy are the loudest ones in the world.  They even work underwater up to 50-feet.

 - Learn to be a "Kitchen Sink Farmer" to learn advanced methods of sprouting and fermenting your foods.   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:
The UN and Biden administration working together to take away gun rights of Americans.

 - Get your car or RV started with this 10-in-1 Jump Starter cables with mini-flashlight and other features: compass, thermometer for outdoor temperature reading, usb ports to charge up your cell phone, and S.O.S. alarm.

 - As water resources are dried up artificially throughout the Western region of the US, you can make water from air with an air conditioner that runs on 1,500 watts to power it with two, 1,000 watt solar generators to receive 3 - 5 gallons per day in an emergency.  The water can then be filtered with a non-electric, gravity water filter.

 - Google Translate App - You can download this to communicate what you need help with to others in a foreign country.

 - How to Make Activated Charcoal for Your Health and Water Filtration (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: An internet blackout that lasts longer than a day.

 - Save time and money when you follow a 3-ingredient recipe book.  There's "Best Ever Three & Four Ingredient Cookbook" and "The 3-Ingredient Baking Book".

 - Get a rainproof binocular that provides crisp images and has a cell phone mount strap with smartphone adapter to record your images.

 - A reusable Root Ball is based the ancient method of Air Layering, which is about growing roots right onto the branches to clone your plants - a form of breeding.  

 - The Story of Dhun: This Man Changed the Fortunes of a Barren Land Using Traditional Water Wisdom, Part 1 and 2   (See Videos Above)

Potential Threat: The government wants you to download a contact tracing app that is not really meant for your health, but to take away your privacy.

- Smoke your meats with an electric smoker, instead of using propane.  It has three smoking racks with built-in temperature control. 
 - A serrated machete with an ergonomic, rubber handle can come in handy for hunting, gardening, camping, and emergency situations.

 - Grow Microgreens as survival food in a tray with suction cups to stick on your window. 

 - Learn how to make a variety of knots.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Due to hyperinflation and supply shortages, the cost of food today will become much more expensive by next year and years afterward.

- Nutrient Survival products offer nutrient-dense storable foods with a shelf-life of up to 25 years.  They are also tasty and follow the uncompromising nutritional standards of the military.  Just add water and your meal is ready in minutes.   

 - Sleep in a portable tent that is really a covered, 2-person camping cot with a built in air mattress.

 - Get protection from home invasion by using this 38" aluminum bar with heavy-duty swing away brackets on your door.

 - Everything You Need to Know About Supply Caches  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Your employer lets you go because you're unvaccinated.

- Get a mask that's lined with copper ions within the fiber for better viral protection.

 - Need ammo? Head over to to get deals from retailers nationwide so you can compare prices. Supply is getting short because of the Russian ammo ban by the Biden administration.

 - Don't just grow vegetables, plant dwarf fruit trees if you have a small backyard.

 - Get These 7 Tools Before They're Illegal  (See Video Above)  

Potential Threat: Supply chain problems that is becoming a worldwide issue.

 - Get a set of rechargeable AA and AAA batteries with a recharging device that can be used 500 times.

 - If you are having trouble with bugs this Summer, a peppermint spray is a natural repellent to kill invading pests: roaches, spiders, ants, fleas, earwigs, stink bugs, mites, scorpion, silverfish and other common household pests.

 - To deal with outdoor heat, wear a Frogg Togg Cooling Towel that is made of a material that will get 30-degrees Fahrenheit cooler in seconds, once it gets wet so you can cool off.

 - Simple Shoemaking: How to Make Custom Simple Shows That Lasts, Using Your Feet as the Form  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:
Creation of a segregated society of vaxxed and un-vaxxed.

 - Protect your home from intruders with solar-powered, motion sensor floodlights that rotate on the outside of your home.  It's ultra-bright and can light up 800-square feet.

 - Vicks VapoRub can be used to banish mosquitoes.  They can't stand the strong odor of menthol. Just place a dab around your wrists, back of the neck, and a little on your clothes.  If you suffer from toenail fungus, use a small amount on the infected toenail daily for 2 - 3 weeks for complete fungal death.  And, when a headache is bothering you, rub some Vicks VapoRub around your temples for it to go away.

 - This survival paracord consists of four kinds of fibers that makes it multi-functional: use as a fire-starter; sew clothes or stitch up a wound; set traps to catch food; and more.

 - Billionaire Bunkers: How Super Rich are Prepping for Off-Grid Living  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Your city or town is rationing the water supply.

 - This night vision monocular is small enough to add to your keychain.  You can see up to 146 feet with a 19 degree angle of view in total darkness.  The images show up as black and white.  It requires only 3 AAA batteries.

 - This low-cost, pocket sized water filter that's under $40 can attach to your kitchen faucet to provide clean drinkable water without any electricity needed.  Filters 500 gallons per day.

 - To test if you're dehydrated, pick up your skin and see if it snaps back quickly (to mean you're hydrated) or slowly (as a sign you need to drink water).  

 - Convert  Your Bicycle into an EBike in Under an Hour  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The grocery store shelves are becoming increasingly empty from the government paying farmers to destroy their food crops. They can be sprayed with Agent Orange or mowed down.

 - Grow a survival garden with seeds that are heatwave tolerant, such as lettuce, carrots, radishes.

 - Prepare your emergency meals in collapsible and leak proof bento lunch boxes with a spork and lid that's made of silicone. 

 - Switch to a 50-gallon water tank with this solar water heater technology that's a hybrid energy system and easy to use their advanced micro-grid technology and design.

 - Make homemade tofu using 3 ingredients: soybeans, lemon juice and water.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Mandatory vaccinations that restrict your freedom to travel, work, and shop.

 - This baseball cap has secret pockets all over its underside to store money, keys and emergency survival items so no one can notice.  

 - Become a Kitchen Sink Farmer by growing superfood microgreens that are nutrient dense.

 - Bring along a combination backpack cooler chair that has a durable metal frame and is lightweight.
 - When Will countries Start Fending Off Food Exports?  (See Video, Above Left)

 - This beehive is designed so that you can easily collect honey on tap. (See Video, Above Right)

Potential Threat: Mass rioting and looting in America that resembles what's happening in South Africa.

 - It's harder to get a new car with the global microchip shortage.  A good source of finding classic cars for sale that were made before the 1980s without microchips is to shop online at

 - During a heatwave, hide smelly perspiration by wearing clothes made of bamboo.

 - Solar Air Conditioner Heat Pump may be the only relief from Summer heat during a full or rolling blackout.  Get one while you can before they are all sold old!

 - This inflatable couch for the outdoors not only looks cool, but is very comfortable, ruggedly built, and doesn't need an air pump.  You can take it anywhere.

 - How To Pick Locks Properly In Seconds  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Any disruptions to the supply chain worldwide.

 - Your toilet won't flush when there's no electricity, so create your own toilet with a 5-gallon bucket with seat and compostable toilet bag. You can sprinkle some cat litter over the waste to hide the smell.

 - You can light a fire with a stick of butter and hand-made wick attached; crayons; Brazil nuts; Dorito chip(s); and bottle of vegetable oil with a wick.

 -  During the hot summer months, drink some peppermint tea and sleep on a cooler pillow that is filled with buckwheat that allows for more airflow through it.

 - Look into the top 8 best home wind turbines of 2021.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The globalists in cooperation with President Biden want to starve everyone in the U.S. so that Americans with guns will want to turn them in just to get food and have basic privileges.

 - You can defend yourself like Spiderman, but instead of shooting out a web, your gun shoots a tight tether made of Kevlar (from 10 - 25 feet) that wraps around your assailant.  Aim it towards their chest and do a second wrap around their legs so they can't get away. (The BolaWrap is currently only available to law enforcement and military agencies.  It will be be made available to other professionals in the future.)

 - Get everyone fit for focus, strength and endurance for emergencies with a boxing reflex ball.  Great for kids and adults.

 - A better alternative to Gatorade is drinking coconut juice to get the electrolytes your body needs.

 - Crash Planning: Homes, Mortgages & Opportunities - Learn from Lynette Zang on how to deal with your mortgage with the Great Reset as inflation increases.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:
Climate Lockdowns are next. Governments around the world will restrict everyone's ability to travel, shop, and use energy and water.

 - To stay cool, carry a battery-powered, hand-held water misting fan or wear a straw cowboy hat with a built-in solar fan to deal with extreme heat.

 - Sunscreens that are sold in the stores have harmful chemicals in them.  A good alternative is to lather your skin with coconut oil to block out 20% of the damaging rays.  Aloe vera can do the same.  

 - When you need to charge your cell phone, plug it into a micro USB emergency portable charger.  It's pre-charged power from a 2900mAH lithium battery when you need it.

 - Homemade Portable Air Conditioner DIY - Coldest One Yet!  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:
The micro-chip shortage is likely to last until 2023.

    - These AA batteries are equivalent to buying 2,000 batteries. They can be recharged 500X.

    - A small solar fan with solar panel can come in handy when there's no electricity available during the high heat of summer. You not only stay cool, but can see at night from the LED lights that are built in.

    - Your toilet won't flush when there's no electricity, so create your own toilet with a 5-gallon bucket with seat and compostable toilet bag. You can sprinkle some cat litter over the waste to hide the smell.

    - The 10 Types of Cyber Attacks:
1. Malware: Spyware and Ransomware
2. Phishing
3. Man in the Middle (MitM)
4. Denial of Service
5. SQL Injections
6. Zero-Day Exploit
7. Password Attack
8. Cross-Site Scripting
9. Rootkits
10. Internet of Things (IoT)
(See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The takedown of America's electrical grid system by cyber-terrorists.

 - ATM machines may not be working and you can't use your debit/credit card to make purchases, have cash on hand to buy emergency food and supplies.

 - A solar generator with solar panel can charge up your computer, TV, small appliances, and more.  It's for indoor and outdoor use. 

 - Get a low-cost, super-quiet gas powered generator that can provide 2,000 watts.  Just give it 1-gallon of gas to run.  This can serve as a backup energy source, along with a solar generator.

 - When your cell phone and landline are "dead", a satellite phone can be used for emergencies, anywhere in the world, whether you are on land or out at sea, and works flawlessly in all weather conditions.  The satellite phone also has EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) blocking and comes with a water-resistant pouch.
 - For more suggestions to prepare for a grid-down situation, see the video above.

Potential Threat:
Our property rights are not guaranteed.  

 - Safely store 5-gallons of gasoline in this container made of galvanized steel with a spout.

 - If the electrical grid goes down and you can't watch TV for entertainment, get a hand-held CD movie player with a built-in battery.

 -  Biden's Inflation: Trump vs Biden (reprinted from Amy of Resting Tweet Face)
Gas (average per gallon): $1.77 v $3.00
Lumber (1000 board ft): $332.00 v $1,570
Home (average cost): $283k v $329k
Coffee (per pound): .96 v $1.50
Corn (bushel) $3.19 v $7.22
Copper (per pound): $2.33 v $4.76

 - Save money by making your own ghee that's a healthier cooking oil with a smoke point of 482-degrees (that's higher than olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil and butter) and longer shelf life.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:
The new "woke" recruits of the military and intelligence bureaus are not being trained to go after a foreign enemy, but to "hunt down" those who they deem a domestic threat - Patriots who love the US as a republic, predominately Christian nation, and backed by a constitution.

 - Fluoride-free powdered toothpaste stores a lot longer than one in a tube. You dampen your toothbrush, place in the jar, then brush. They come in different flavors and can last for months.

 - You can play music through a small, solar speaker that is not only water resistant, but can also charge your cell phone and tablet, plus built-in flashlight. Every 10 minutes of charging in the sun equals half an hour of music play time.

 - Surviving Hyperinflation in Venezuela & Romania  (See Videos Above)

Potential Threat: Everything is crashing: stocks, bonds, crypto and commodities are all tumbling.

 - Grow flowering clover from seeds on your land that can enrich your soil with lots of nitrogen, suppress weed growth, and prevent soil erosion.  Also, the red clover flowers attract honeybees!

 - Stock up on freeze-dried meat today or end up eating Cell-Cultured Meat that's grown in petri dishes.

 - Airtight, silicone bags that are designed with a double-lock zipper are perfect can be reused for storing and preserving foods.  Just leave your ingredients in them to boil, bake, or freeze in the bag.
 - Where Have All the Carpenters Gone?!  Find out why the trade labor shortage is only beginning...(See Video Above)

Potential Threat:
America's Green New Deal proposes that saving the planet requires total abolition of all police.

 - If you want to move from a Blue State to a very Red State, look into the "Ascend West Virginia" program.  They need more residents into their state that has lots of natural beauty full of mountains, rivers and trails that singer Jon Denver dubbed "Almost Heaven" about 50 years ago.  You'll be paid $12,000 to relocate and become a new resident of West Virginia.  Homes and land for sale are more affordable - well below the average prices in America.

 - Grind your grains, corn and beans with this hand-held mill that's made from stainless steel.

 - A simple and very reliable way to buy Bitcoin with automatic recurring and instant buys using your bank account is through Swan, an American-based company.

 - Tips for Tech Prepping, Internet Privacy, and Off-Grid Communications  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:
Grocery stores plan to sell lab grown meats nationwide to replace regular meats.

- Here's a low-cost way to juice your greens, carrots, apples, cucumber and celery manually - without electricity - and the juicer doesn't break easily.  It can be clamped to the edge of your kitchen counter and features a masticating live-enzyme cold press process.  

 - Stock up on Pool Shock (that is a form of sodium hypochlorite).  You can use it like household bleach if diluted properly and to disinfect water. 

 - For your survival, read "The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal" by Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins.

 - Get a tactical wallet that can not only hold your cash and up to 12 cards, but is also water resistant with mini-tools built in.

 - Bread In 10 Minutes - No Oven - No Yeast - No Eggs - 3 Ingredients from The Hillbilly Kitchen  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The electrical grid system has collapsed in your region. 

 - If you're lost in the great outdoors, get a mini-satellite, two-way texting device with global satellite coverage.  It also has a GPS built in and 3-axis compass that's made by Garmin.

 - Grow an indoor garden of sprouts from seeds using sprout trays that you can transport on rollers.

 - Unique items to store your valuables: the end of a roller hairbrush, SPAM can safe, wall clock, ceramic flower pot, and air vent that is a wall safe.

 - The 100 Preps to Buy at Home Depot (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:
The UN wants over 593 million illegals living in the United States by 2050.  The current population of America is 332 million.  This is part of the plan to destroy the national sovereignty of Western Nations. 

 - Get a Faraday cell phone bag with pockets and a built-in sleeve for signal-blocking, anti-tracking from Contact Tracers, anti-hacking and EMF reduction.

 - For those who like to brew Kombucha, get a live starter culture called a SCOBY that's organic and includes 1.5 cups of strong, mature starter tea.  Learn to make different flavors that the whole family can enjoy.

 - If there's no toothpaste, a good alternative is to brush with baking soda.

 - Easy to Grow Hydroponic Kale, Kratky Style!  No need for soil, electricity or pumps. (See Video Above)  

Potential Threat: The complete loss of your constitutional rights on a state and national level.

 - Make delicious meals like pot pie and pastas with freeze-dried chicken that has a 25-year shelf life and provides 2,100 calories.

 - If you need to flee with a pet, wear a breathable, soft mesh sling made of leather that you can wear over your front body to carry your small companion.  There are three sizes available to hold a weight of 5 - 14 lbs., hands-free.

 - Use a bamboo washboard to wash your clothes when there's no electricity and hang them up to dry on an elastic, portable clothesline with clothespins attached.

 - Prepare for Riot Season 2021: fires, looting, and shooting.  If you live in a Democrat-run city, the criminals are likely to be charged and not arrested, then immediately released.  For those who have to defend your home or business against these rioters, you may be arrested!  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Signs of hyperinflation and election fraud in America resembles the collapse of Venezuela.

- When there's no electricity, use a non-electric carpet and floor sweeper that good picking up human messes and pet hairs.

- Grow an herbal tea garden with medicinal herb seeds that are non-GMO: chammomile, lemon balm, lavender, mint, sage, holy basil, dandelion, leaf fennel, echinacea, and calendula.

- Need to take a shower when there's no bathroom facilities?  You can turn most 1 - 2 liter bottles into a portable shower with this product.

- Bury a Can of Sardines in Your Garden and This Amazing Thing Happens!  (See Video Above) 

Potential Threat: The emergence of a corporate technocracy to replace America as a republic with a constitution.

- One of the most organized preparedness groups in America is the Yavapai County Preparedness Team in Arizona.  

- Use of skunk water (as a spray) to ward off attackers.  It's natural and non-lethal.  The smell can make your attacker sick to their stomach. Skunk Water has been used effectively by law enforcement for crowd control.

- Long-lasting powdered foods: dried whole eggs, butter, goat's milk, and coconut milk.

- Learn to make Kimchi - a fermented and spicy cabbage dish from Korea.  It can help build a healthy gut biome to boost the immune system and can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 - 6 months.  (See Video Above) 

Potential Threat: The return of endless wars where America is militarily involved on several war fronts.

- Buy junk silver to barter for necessities during an economic collapse.  A good source is through

- Use a solar home security system with a 1/2 Mile Long Range to detect motion outdoors and it's weather resistant.  
- If you don't have eggs for making baked goods, substitute by soaking chickpeas in water to obtain the gelatinous liquid from it called aquafaba that has an egg-like consistency.   

- Find out why many Amish businesses have a 90% success rate within a 5-year period.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threats: Defunding of police and closing of prisons across America.

- Grow your foods in a vertical garden with a built-in composter where you can throw your food scraps in the middle of the planter for worms to break them down into organic fertilizer for adding nutrients to the soil.  It can grow 50 plants: vegetables, herbs and flowers.

- You can download Wikipedia's entire site to your device for offline use all 6 million articles.  Thousands of life-saving tips would be available to you, even if the internet was down for the rest of the world. 

- Find out the time from nature by using a sundial.

- Learn to build a small pontoon boat out of a plastic barrel and other low-cost parts like PVC pipes and poles, some wood, plus 4-inch tubes for $51.  (Video Shown Above)

Potential Threat: You live in a city that is prone to race wars and riots.  Or, your suburb is being targeted for rioting by a radical group.

- If you have no power or no cell phone service service, you can use a satellite phone and rent a portable satellite internet.

- Top 10 Tools Every Prepper Should Have: set of socket wrenches, power drill, grinder, dremel tool, hatchet/axe, machete, crowbar, saw, welder.  

- Start building a library of prepping books, like "When Technology Fails" and "The Encyclopedia of Country Living".

- Learn about the best, small camper trailers with bathrooms.
(See Video Above)

Potential Threat: You've lost your job and have to rely on Universal Basic Income (UBI) with a digital wallet that is tied in with social credits that controls you and limits your basic freedoms.

- If you need to take a bath, you can soak in a foldable bathtub that's lightweight and made of non-toxic PVC materials. Great for babies, pets, and adults.

- Get a Battery Safebag that can store 200 batteries.  The case is waterproof, fireproof and explosion proof - made of a silicone coated fiberglass.  The bag includes a battery tester.  To charge them, you can use a solar battery charger.     

- If you want to grow food indoors, you'll need grow lights.  For a small space at home, this light, 45 watt LED grow light panel that can swivel 360-degrees and run on 120 volts to power .

- Before the collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR), the government started printing money like crazy.  Inflation, followed hyperinflation followed, so prices skyrocketed.  Savings, salaries and pensions did not keep up with inflation, wiping them out.  Sound familiar?  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: You get an adverse reaction from a vaccine that has not gone through years of clinical trials for safety, leaving you debilitated or near death.

- Make your own electrolyte drink: 1/4 tsp. baking soda + 1/16 tsp. of salt + 1/16 tsp. of epsom salt + flavoring optional (juice/tea/stevia/water enhancer) + 12 - 16 ounces of water.

- For extra comfort and warmth, buy a sheepskin rug for your bed.

- A crowbar comes in handy if you need to break down doors and windows.  On a road trip, the headrest of a car seat can be removed to reveal metal rods that are strong enough to break the car's window in an emergency.

- 10 Store Bought Vegetables and Herbs You Can Regrow and Get FREE Seeds!  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:  You agree to the government's total debt forgiveness program in exchange for forfeiting ownership of any and all of your property and assets forever.

- To keep a small room warm, use ORIGO Heat Pal 5100 - a non-electric heater.  It doubles as a heater and cooker that's lit by denatured alcohol and has a cover to makes it safe for indoor use. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, the unit burns for 5-hours.

- Keep your hands really warm with a Zippo Hand Warmer that can last up to 12 hours from a flameless catalytic burner.

- A full face balaclava can protect your face during a polar vortex.  It's lightweight and super-stretch comfortable.  Commonly used by skiers.

- Learn how to create a Blackout Bag, just in case of a power outage.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Historically, government gun grabs have lead to a great purge.

- For desperate situations, buy Pilot Bread that is Alaska's modern day version of hardtack that can keep almost indefinitely.  Eat it like a cracker, like a slice of bread, crumbled in soup, toasted and buttered.

 - Add an attachment so you can haul up to 100 lbs. of cargo with your bike.

- Prepare for a medical emergency with a Pet First Aid kit that has 60 pieces, first aid guide book and instructions.

- Learn to make a firewood stove from a small plastic chair and cement. (Video Shown Above)

Potential Threat: The grocery store aisles are empty again from shoppers panic buying.

 - Learn how to grow nutrient dense foods with a keyhole garden that saves you water, less weeding, and have higher yields with less space.

 - A machete and axe are handy necessities.

 - The common mantra of preppers to be prepared is to have food, guns, gold, and God. You can add to that transportation, clean water, medicines, energy source, silver, seeds, communications, and community.
 - You can buy prepping gear for less at thrift stores.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The introduction of the World Debt Reset program and a Health Passport to control you.

- Mini-turbines can be placed in your backyard.  This wind turbine has 3 blades to produce up to 1,000 watts.  

- If you're driving long distances and tend to fall asleep at the wheel, get Alert Drops that is an all-natural stimulant that boosts your adrenaline.  Developed by Anson Williams, he is the actor who played Potsie in the "Happy Days" TV show.   

- Prepare for a food shortage by stocking up on heirloom fruit, vegetable, and herbal seeds for several growing seasons.  When stored in an ammo box with an o-ring, it can survive disasters.

- This RVer loves to cook with the Solavore Sport that is a solar oven.  She shows you how well it works.   (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: A cyclical solar storm that creates a global blackout for days or months. 

- Protect your head from wireless radiation: 3G, 4G, 5G, Wifi, and Bluetooth.  Designed like a beanie, it's a faraday hat made of silver fibers that's machine washable.

- If you need an immediate boost of oxygen, here's a can you can inhale that offers safe-to-use, breathing oxygen to feel better.  Provides more than 100, 1-second inhalations.

- Hard to believe, but this windbreaker jacket can repair itself. Poke a hole in it, then rub on it for the hole to close up immediately.  It's also weather-resistant.  

- Learn how to make a Tesla Coil at home for wireless power transfer. (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:  The globalists of the World Economic Forum warn that there will be cyber-attacks that would disrupt the electrical grid.

- You can travel across the country in a micro camper that's shaped like a teardrop that's more comfortable to sleep in than a tent and easier to set up, compared to an RV.

- By freeze-drying your foods, they can last up to 25 years and retain 97% of its nutrition.

- Grow foods in a self-watering urban garden planter that's raised off the ground and can be used indoors or outdoors.

- Learn how to make a vegetarian version of Chicken Broth.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The rise of Climate Lockdowns, leading to more collapse of economies worldwide.

- As the value of the dollar drops, the price of gold and silver per ounce goes up.  Expect their prices to "skyrocket".  Apmex is a reliable source to buy these metals.

- Check out this popular, electric bike with a wagon attached to transport your cargo. As an idea, install a mini-solar generator to power it.  Goes 25 - 45 miles per hour.

- Learn how to grow an edible forest garden.

- Infuse your entire gut with natural probiotics (also known as "friendly bacteria") by making a fermented gingerade with organic ginger, brown sugar, and water.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Due to more pandemic lockdowns, millions more people will go into financial default from months of overdue mortgages and rents, causing a collapse of banks nationwide.

- Get a durable bugout bag that's waterproof with compression straps, just in case you have to leave your home in an emergency.

- If you need to purify your water, get these germicidal tablets to treat 25 quarts of water.  You can drink your treated water in just 35 minutes.

- Head over to that is a news aggregation website that harvests real-time headlines from around 40 of the most censored indy news sites on the internet.

- Here's an example of a well-organized pantry that can feed a small family for 1-year.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Widespread Cancel Culture is really a form of totalitarianism.

- Help your body adapt to both hot and cold temperatures easily by taking 200 mg. of Vitamin C.

- Duracell now offers a portable, quiet generator that is both solar and gas-powered for emergencies.

- When you have to permanently leave your home in an emergency, here are some of the best rated bug-out vehicles: Mercedes G-Wagon, Jeep Wrangler, Humvee, Ford 4X4 F-Series, Ram Outdoorsman, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Tacoma.

- Check out these 10 tiny self-defense gadgets that are very effective.  As an example, the non-lethal, Bryna HD pistol, shoots compressed CO2 with teargas and powdered pepper substance to incapacitate your attacker up to 60-feet away. And, you don't need a special permit or license to purchase or own.  (See Video Above, Right)   

Potential Threat: Globalists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) predicts the abolition of private property in 2030. You will own nothing!

- TeleMD has licensed physicians who can give a prescription for Hydroxychloriquine, combined with Zinc, as a preventative measure against COVID-19 or to treat it.  This is a special offer by Dr. Jerome Corsi of

- IKEA is now selling tiny homes through their Tiny Home Project with eco-friendly features: solar panels, composting toils, on-demand heated water supply, and more.  Cost: $47,550.

- You don't have to buy rolls and rolls of toilet paper.  A better alternative: purchase small boxes of 500 standard compressed towels to store a year's supply.  They are made of biodegradable, chemical-free cotton.  You can wet one lightly that opens to a sturdy fabric for wiping your mess.

- Learn to make your own colloidal silver that is an antimicrobial solution for boosting your immunity.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Buy land with its own water supply as a valuable asset before the dollar collapse and Great Reset.  As large companies and the wealthy buy them up, these properties will be in short supply.

- You can melt snow for water in an emergency. To produce 5 gallons of water, you'll need to fill 10, 5-gallon buckets of snow.

- The Katana Boy is reputedly the best folding handsaw in the market for construction and yard work.  It's extremely sharp to make smooth cuts and is lightweight.

- If you don't have any toothpaste, a good alternative is to brush with baking soda.

 - Prepare for water prices to jump.  Water begins trading on Wall Street in the Futures Market for fear of shortages.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Within 1-year of an electrical grid collapse, about 90% of a country's population would die off from disease, starvation, life-threatening conflicts, accidents and suicide.

- Save on water to grow your food in a Keyhole Garden.  This is especially helpful if you live in an arid environment.  The compost scraps can be thrown in the middle of the planter to enrich the soil.

- It's good to have a med pack that is a backpack full of emergency supplies on hand when needed.  Get one that's uniquely customized by US military veterans and made by a veteran-owned company.

- Quails are easy to raise indoors, like in a basement, spare room or garage.  They are not only quiet and require little space, compared to chickens, but also offer 200 eggs annually and meat to eat.

- Learn how to make your own natural herbal shampoo and conditioner with water, fresh herbs, natural soap base, grapeseed oil, apple cider vinegar and essential oil.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Rationing of America's resources under the New Green Deal: food, energy, water, medicine, and gas.

- Self-watering planters are a great idea to grow plants or food.  The low-maintenance system can be used indoors or outdoors.

- Wear a necklace that hides your ability to send a text a message to 5 emergency contacts by double-pressing it.

- You can purify your water with 5 - 10 drops of bleach for every 1/2 gallon.  The amount depends on how cloudy or dirty the water is. It's best to use Clorox brand bleach with no perfume.

- The top ten things to do right away after the banks collapse.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:  Introduction of the "Great Reset" wherein you get a Universal Basic Income (UBI), forgiveness of ALL your debts, on the condition you agree to FOREVER give up your right to own private property!

- You can make a hot meal with this flameless cookware system that uses water-activated, heating packs that can heat up to 203-degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.

- This backpack is not only water-resistant, but also anti-theft because it has no zippers or pockets at the front of the bag.  The main zipper is fully hidden.

- Get a lightweight, foldable bike for urban riding.  It can be be stored in a car trunk or closet.

- Check out a Prepper Fest featuring unique products by the vendors. (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:
Development of concentration camps for the un-vaccinated.

- When the water is not running, you can turn any 1 liter or 2 liter bottle into a portable shower.

- Get back to the classics: the Stanley Thermos has been around since 1913.  Made of steel, it can still keep foods hot or cold for 15-hours. And, you'll love their 3-quart crock food jar to cook food in and is built to last a lifetime.

- If the police don't show up to save you, pretend you're disabled with this cane that can act as 1 million volt stun gun to stop your attacker(s). It also has an LED light built in and costs $90.

- Learn how to make a face mask in under 1 minute with a bandana and two hair bands - No Sewing Required!  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Another pandemic wave from a mutation of COVID-19 that causes a higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection, leading to mass deaths.

- Get a copy of these three books: "Where There is No Doctor", "Where There is No Dentist" and "Where There is No Pet Doctor."

- This solar table lamp can be used indoors or outdoors to provide a soft light of 50 lumens.  Looks great on the night stand.  Just charge it by the window or leave outdoors during the daytime.  Stays lit for 6 - 8 hours at night and is waterproof with no plug.

- Keep your valuables in a secure, biometric safe box that's made of a think steel. It opens, based on your fingerprints. In case of an emergency, you can use a key to gain access.

- The website,, can help you search for a pick-your-own farm near you.

- Take a visual tour of a beautiful Cob House that's made from earth, sand and straw.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: You are targeted to be placed in a re-education center that's government controlled.

- Keep your food and medicine chilled with this solar ice chest when there's no electricity.

- A source of FREE firewood is to drive around after storms and look for houses with downed trees.  Just offer to help the homeowner cut up the tree and they will split the wood with you.  Or, call your national forest service to take trees that have fallen.
- Learn to make your own waterproof matches three different ways by dipping them in wax, clear nail polish and varnish.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Defunding of your city's police can lead to the replacement of them with thugs-for-hire and robo-dogs that will do the policing.

- Have a high-quality gas mask that's comfortable to wear.

- Place this tile on your pet, small kids, keys, or luggage to track them within 400-feet.

- Mark on a map of your your urban and rural areas to locate naturally growing fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, edible mushrooms and herb patches that can be harvested every year.

- Learn how to get water from a wild grape vine.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Martial law is declared, leading to civil unrest and citizen clashes with the police and military.

- Wear bamboo fiber clothing. They are anti-bacterial to keep you odor-free; absorbs sweat to stay dry; and very insulating; and is a soft-feeling.

- If you have to sleep out in the winter cold without warm clothing or blankets, use HotHands Body and Hand Super Warmers that last 18-hours. To prevent hypothermia, place the heat packs at the neck for the carotic, at the armpits for the brachial, and at the groin for the femoral artery.

- To prevent injury from a shootout, wear a flexible body armor.

Learn to pick a lock in an emergency. (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Conversion of cities into Smart Cities for heavy surveillance on the residents.

- To save money on food costs, learn to grow your own produce with a vertical garden planter that has an internal watering system.

- If your lights go out for more than 24-hours, place a thin candle stick in a large container of Crisco.  It can stay lit for 72-days.

- Protect your home from invaders who will try to pry your door open with a crowbar.  

- Make your own laundry detergent (with ingredients that cost about $30) that can last one year by using only 2 tablespoons per load.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: The introduction of a global ID to track all of your movements.

- Military-grade, night vision goggles can give you a tactical advantage when the electricity is shut off.

 - The average washing machine uses 20 gallons of water.  Save time and money by using a manual and portable clothes washer that uses far less water and gets your laundry cleaner.

 - Use pool shock as an alternative to bleach for cleaning, just in case your store runs out of liquid bleach.

- Learn to make a Rocket Stove with several cinder blocks to cook food that is smokeless. You'll only need small, wooden sticks for fuel and some paper.  Caution: Fire bricks are preferred over cinder blocks because they won't explode under intense heat.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:  Another pandemic that's man-made.  China plans to have a new bioterrorism lab that is like the one in Wuhan, but in Pakistan.

- Store your drinking water in stackable, water bricks.

- This lightweight, mini-solar device can cook food and boil water within 20 - 40 minutes anywhere there is sunlight. Can hold up to 17 ounces of solids or liquid.

- A woman can carry pepper spray for self-defense in what looks like a lipstick tube.

- If you can't take a shower because your water and electrical use has been disrupted, make your own shower with a pump spray container and some extra parts you can add that's inexpensive. Spray yourself clean with 1 - 2 gallons of warm water.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:
The coming mini-Ice Age and extreme weather due to the Grand Solar Minimum.

- If you're having trouble finding essential foods at your local store, shop at ethnic grocery stores or shop in places that cater to restaurants so you can buy in bulk discount prices.

- For those interested in purchasing a rural land available in many states for a low price, make a bid at There are properties available for as low as $840 per acre.

- Learn Bokashi Composting to break down your kitchen scraps (including dairy, meats and oils) by using anaerobic bacteria for your garden. There's no need for turning or rationing.
- If cleaning products have been "wiped out" from your grocery store, make your own with 3 ingredients: lemon peels, water, and rubbing alcohol to make a natural disinfectant you can put in a spray bottle.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Rolling blackouts nationwide or an EMP attack on America's power grid.

- Trusted by Homeland Security, this Faraday Sleeve can give you the digital privacy you need to avoid getting tracked or hacked. It can also decrease exposure of your cell phone from EMF radiation. Commonly used by law enforcement, protect your data with a Faraday Bag as well.
- Grown dandelions organically in your garden for food, coffee, as a medicinal plant for cleansing the liver, and it can enrich the soil with nitrogen.

- In an emergency, you can use a Dorito chip like a candle to create a fire. To build a camp fire, place a pile of Doritos together and light them up.

- Create super-immunity by fermenting garlic cloves, crushed ginger and honey.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Supply chains are disrupted worldwide, making foods and products less available at stores.

- A real life-saver, get a hand-crank flashlight with solar, a radio, siren, and USB charger for your cell phone built in.

- Play cards while learning about wilderness survival and how to identify wild edibles.

- Coconut juice is a great source of electrolytes for the body, but so is this electrolyte drink mix that provides the same hydration as drinking 2 - 3 bottles of water.

- Learn to preserve cheese to last up to 30 years or more by dipping it in vinegar and wax.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:
An asteroid that falls to Earth because Jupiter has shifted to allowing big rocks from the Asteroid Belt to head in our direction. 

- You can hide and bury your stockpile of survival supplies with a cache that can be an underground storage container. Using a PVC tubes with lids or an Ammo Can are popular to use.

- Read "How to Read Water: Clues and Patterns from Puddles to the Sea" by Tristan Gooley, a natural navigator.  You can find north by reading puddles; forecast the weather from waves; decipher wave patters on beaches; and more.

- Freeze-dried foods can be stored for 25-years and are comparably higher in nutritional quality, compared to dehydrating your foods.  Just add water. 

- Learn how to use a Baofeng Radio quick and easy communication to call for help or give it to those in need.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat: Looting and raiding in your neighborhood. They are likely to kill off the power supply by shooting at electrical transformers, preventing you from seeing an invasion. Fighting back becomes more difficult. 

- If you don't have a root cellar, Coolbot can convert a small space into one for low cost and takes minutes to install.

- Place this clear film over your window that's not noticeable to slow or prevent entry by a burglar who is using a weapon to break the glass.

- This one roll of bamboo towel is absorbable, reusable, and is equivalent to 200 paper towels.

- Learn to use a divining rod to find water.  (See Video Above)

Potential Threat:  An economic collapse that leads to the Greatest Depression and hyperinflation, leaving many homeless and hungry.

- Get light, radio, and power bank for your mobile phone that you can charge up by solar or cranking it.

- You can store dry foods like pasta, rice and beans in an airtight pet food storage container. It's engineered with reliable double gaskets for freshness, protection from bugs, and controlled moisture. Can hold up to 50 lbs.

- For your safety, protect yourself with this baton that is a concealed stun gun and flashlight, plus glass breaker in one. Or, get what looks like a gun, but is a taser pulse.

- In an economic collapse, here the top 13 barter items.  (See Video Above)

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