EM Squared:
A Model of Social Entrepreneurism

For Beyond 50's "Business" talks, listen to an interview with Sam Caster.  He is the former founder of the network marketing company, Mannatech (based on the science of glyconutrients), MannaRelief Ministries, and recently launched EMSquared.  He'll talk about the value of practicing social entrepreneurism and explain the difference between that business model and cause marketing.

Sam Caster is the consummate entrepreneur having created multiple businesses that have generated billions of dollars worth of revenue over his career.  But, in the late 1990’s, Sam began to shift his focus from pure business, to addressing the needs of malnourished children.

In 1999, Sam and his wife, Linda, founded MannaRelief Ministries, a not for profit organization dedicated to providing the best nutritional support to the world’s most vulnerable children.  Over the next 15 years, MannaRelief provided over 80 million daily servings of whole food nutritional support to children in over 85 countries.

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

The Charity model, however, that relied heavily on individual donations, proved to be too erratic and unsustainable for meeting the daily requirements of malnourished children.  "They often don't have sustainable funding to make a lasting difference in the world," explained Caster.   So, he collaborated with his long time friend and distribution partner for Manna Relief, the former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, to utilize a revolutionary new business model called Social Entrepreneurship - that provides sustainable solutions to global problems.

"Social entrepreneurs can compete in the marketplace.  They give up their lion-share of profits to create sustainability to solve an issue they are interested in solving.  They need to find market penetration.  It works best when the product is the trigger for social change," added Caster.

EM Squared & Hope Bars

They named their project EM Squared, which means eradicate malnutrition by giving Hope Bars - a standardized, nutritious whole food bar -  by multiplying the efforts of compassionate people around the world. 

EM Squared was launched on June 1st, 2014, and in it’s first month generated enough support to feed over 7,000 children.

The Hope Bars are highly nutritious whole food products that are not made with synthetic vitamins and minerals.  They are whole food sourced, GMO free, soy free, dairy free.  It contains no preservatives, flavorings, sugar or sweeteners. 

The cost of one box is $75 for 30 Hope Bars.  Your order is matched and it feeds a malnourished child for a month.  A donated box is tax deductible.

To join the cause and for more information, call (855) 984-5278 and visit www.GivingHopeTeam.com.

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