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Beyond 50 is America's Variety Talk Radio Show.  Originally designed for those in midlife (or approaching midlife), we have found over the 10 years of broadcasting that this is truly a program for ALL ages. The online radio show offers compelling topics that are informative, educational, and fun.

Beyond 50 is holistic in it's approach to solution-oriented programming that is alternative-minded and eclectic.  We showcase celebrities, bestselling authors, top experts, and visionary leaders  from around the world.  You can experience new insights and breakthroughs not usually found in mainstream resources.

Visionary, Informative, Fun


The 2020 Election Steal...
And Cover Up

Friday, August 5
12 p.m. (PT)/3 p.m. (ET)

Healing with Clay

Thursday, August 11
9 a.m. (PT)/12 p.m. (ET)

Everlasting Love
and Love Affair

Friday, August 12
12 p.m. (PT)/3 p.m. (ET)

IRS to Unleash Tax Terrorism Upon American People

Thursday, August 25
9 a.m. (PT)/12 p.m. (ET

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Reinventing Collapse:
The Soviet Example & American Prospects

For Beyond 50's "Sustainable Practices" talks, listen to an interview with Dmitry Orlov, the author of "Reinventing Collapse."   He will explain that the current collapse in America is very similar to what the people of the Soviet Union went through in the 1980s.  For the Soviets, the real cause of their country's breakdown was from the petroleum industry crashing. Learn about how they have had to tap into other natural resources. What is going on in America can be seen as an opportunity.  By staying optimistic in a post-oil end game, we can survive and thrive during these challenges.  Tune in to Beyond 50: America's Variety Talk Radio Show on the natural, holistic, green and sustainable lifestyle.

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Potential Threat: Widespread Cancel Culture is really a form of totalitarianism.

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The Mastery of Self:
A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom

For Beyond 50's "Spirituality" talks, listen to an interview with don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.  He's back on the show to talk about how to release false ideas about your reality; dissolve outdated agreements that do not serve your true nature; and step into your role as the passionate artist of your own life. 

Becoming a Master

In the Toltec tradition of ancient Mexico, a warrior of the path attains personal freedom by being able to "clear her mind of beliefs, domestication, and attachments," explained Ruiz.

By both quieting the mind and living in the present moment full-time, you can be in a constant state of bliss; although it requires great discipline to achieve.

The mind's true purpose is to dream in the Toltec understanding.

"The Personal Dream is the unique reality created by every individual; it's their perspective, a manifestation of the relationship between mind and body, and intent is the energy that animates both.  As our shared knowledge and experience mingle together, we co-create the Dream of the Planet, which is the combination of every single being in the world's Personal Dream...Dream of the Planet is the manifestation of our shared intentions, where we allow our ideas and agreements to flow between us.  If there is harmony in the Personal Dream, then there is a constant opportunity for harmony with the Dream of the Planet," he added.

True Mastery lies in being able to be grounded in your authentic self and engaging in the Dream of the Planet.  It's having the personal freedom to make choices without getting caught up or being attached to the illusions of drama and  domestication (system of control) by those around you.  

How to Break Free of Attachments & Domestication

By operating from unconditional love, we can recognize and honor the divinity within others and have compassion for them.  

When we give conditional love, we limit how we perceive others, using a system of control through domestication by being attached to how they need to behave a certain way to earn our love and acceptance. 

Domestication and attachment comes from the voice of the mind that the Toltecs call the narrator and ally. 

As the narrator, it can act like a parasite when we self-domesticate by imposing shame, guilt, or perceived reward towards our self.  This can block us from seeing who we truly are.

The ally voice of the mind can give commentary on living, creating and loving unconditionally.  You can see through the illusions better.

Becoming a Master involves going beyond the mind's swings of listening to the self-talk by the narrator or ally and operate from your Authentic Self.

"The Authentic Self is the Divine, the energy or spirit that gives life to your body and mind," taught Ruiz.  The voice in your head is not the real you.

To Hear the Interview, Click on This Link: The Mastery of Self

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2020 Election Steal...And Cover Up

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