Ending Osteoporosis

For Beyond 50's “Natural Healing” talks, listen to an interview with Dr. Sandy Bevacqua.  Founder of the World Integrated Systems of Health in Arizona, she has a background in Genetic Engineering, Nutrition and Human Biology.  She'll talk about her “Ending Osteoporosis” program to regain bone health to achieve normal bone density.  It is based on her study of individuals with poor bone health because essential elements were missing.

A Health Crisis

Osteoporosis is a progressive disease of the young and elderly.  Among the middle aged and elderly, 75% of significant falls by them end in undetected fractures.  About 1/3 of women tend to have wrist, spine and hip fracture.  And, 1/6 of men will have a hip fracture. 

Post-menopausal women are more prone to getting Osteoporosis from a deficiency of estrogen.  Estrogen helps women "hold on" to their bones.

The cost per person with this condition is significant.  On average, a person with Osteoporosis can spend about $81,000 for the medical costs involved and wages lost from not working.   

A Natural Solution

Recovery of bone health is not dependent on calcium intake and mineral supplementation.  "Drinking milk for calcium might increase bone density a tiny bit," says Dr. Bevacqua.  Ultimately, taking calcium does not create stronger bones.

Medications for Osteoporosis tend to force minerals on to what little bone matrix exists, like "plastering a wall."  It can create a small increase in bone density, but not enough.  The medications interfere with blood circulation, increasing the risk for catastrophic fractures where the bone breaks, then shatters.  Long term use of these medications (of 5 years or longer) result in Osteonecrosis of the jaw that causes loss of teeth and the jawbone.

You can avoid the pain, suffering and expense of devastating osteoporetic fractures naturally. 

Dr. Bevacqua has found that it is more effective to build the protein matrix of the bone. It is dependent on nutritionally getting enough protein into the bloodstream to build the bone's matrix for minerals to attach.   

For the majority of those who have a protein issue, the root problem is usually digestive.  Once that is addressed, bone density can increase, preventing catastrophic fractures. 

In addition to taking protein to build the bone matrix, having healthy levels of Vitamin D and Zinc are essential.  It can take up to 4-months to turn the condition around, explained Dr. Bevacqua.

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