Fat to Fearless: Enjoy Permanent Weight Loss
and End Emotional Eating...for Good!

For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, listen to Asher Fox. He'll talk about his Fat to Fearless" system is far from a quick fix-change-your-diet, journal-what-you-eat, get-some-more-exercise, or fad weight-loss program. You'll learn how the subconscious mind can sabotage us and the very specific methods to transform it as an ally. You can permanently change your body by changing your mind, healing your heart, and reprogramming your subconscious to live life as the thinner, happier and healthier person you were always meant to be.

At the heart of the Subconscious Mind are the core beliefs that were imprinted during our formative, childhood years, around 10 and younger, from events.  We often operate from them without really knowing what they are on a Conscious Mind level.  And, one of the primary functions of the Subconscious, explained Fox, "is to prove itself right."

Fortunately, there are methods to find out what your sabotaging core beliefs are and change them to align with your Conscious Mind and goals to lose the weight and keep it off.

You Must Change Your Subconscious, Core Beliefs

According to Fox, there are three primary mechanisms the subconscious mind uses to hold your existing beliefs in place and keep them from easily changing.  They include the following:

Critical Gateway - Within the mind, the Critical Gateway is filter (or gate keeper) found partly in the conscious realm and also in the subconscious realm, determining what reaches the subconscious and maintains the positive and negative core beliefs within it. 

To change your core beliefs, you must convince your subconscious that the new beliefs that you want are true.  The Critical Gateway begins to form around age seven and is usually solidified by our early-teen years.  It is one of the mechanisms of the subconscious mind that preserves your existing belief and thus serves the subconscious mind's function of always proving itself right.  To do this, new information that contradicts your old beliefs and reinforces the new ones must reach the subconscious.  For this to happen. you must  get the Critical Gateway to open.  Clinical Hypnotherapy is a means of effectively doing this.

Reticular Activating System (R.A.S.) - Unlike the Critical Gateway, which is a psychological construct, the R.A.S. is a set of connected nuclei that connects the brain stem with the cortex.  It determines what you pay attention to, specifically what is brought to your conscious awareness.  The R.A.S. has many functions, but the one most relevant to our ability to change core beliefs is that it acts as a filter, determining what information that comes in through our senses is brought to conscious awareness and what is sent directly to the subconscious.

"The good news is that you can program the R.A.S. to be a life-affirming search engine, always scanning for proof that the positive beliefs you want are actually the ones that are true for you," explained Fox.

Inner Critic - It preserves our negative subconscious beliefs.  It convinces us we aren't good enough by setting a standard we can never live up to and what you should or should not do.  You will soon learn that it take both our conscious and subconscious minds to defeat and transform our Inner Critic.  While you may consider this voice to be "you," in actuality, it's an internalized subconscious response from childhood.  It is important that you realize that this critical voice is not who you are.

And then there is our three primary ego states to deal with, which are the Inner Child (that speaks the language of emotions and source of our most powerful emotions) vs. Inner Critic vs. Adult Self.

Fox offers many exercises to effectively bypass the Critical Gateway, reprogram the Reticular Activating System, and disempower the Inner Critic, so you can change your negative core beliefs into more empowering ones for successful weight loss.

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