Beyond 50's Best Resources:
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Why We Recommend: The City Career Fair offers events that are held nationwide at major cities in the U.S.  You'll find companies who support and want to hire those beyond 50, people of color, LGBT, and the disabled.

Why We Recommend: "Only a small percentage of minerals and vitamins in commercial products are absorbed by your cells because they are mostly non-absorbable synthetic minerals and elements that can't penetrate cell walls.  They would only accumulate in the tissues to cause toxicity.  These two products, intraMAX and intraKIDare designed so that high nutrition can be be assimilated on a cellular level."

Why We Recommend: If you're a network marketer struggling to run your business in a smooth, organized and efficient way, then get their book and software system.  You'll find it easy and user-friendly so you can stay on task, from connecting with customers to managing your contact list.  Successful network marketers have grown their network marketing community using this digital approach. 

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If you've ever wanted to understand how DNA home tests work, Richard Hill is a reliable expert on how they can be used to discover your biological and ethnic roots. Get his book, "Finding Family" for a compelling read about tracing his family of origin as an adoptee.  

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If you are one of many parents who have been "ghosted" by your adult child, this book will help you to let go of any painful, emotional attachments about your situation and practical wisdom for dealing with them if they reconnect in a disrespectful way.

Why We Recommend: George Altgelt, the founder of Geo Growers in Texas, is the go-to expert if you want the highest quality soil that can produce nutrient-dense foods for the local gardener and commercial grower.  He is renown for his soil products and expertise that's specific to your growing needs

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  Get M. Nahum Daniels' book on why he recommends a "stable core" portfolio (that's tied to investment-orient insurance contracts) that can be much better for investors than the "balanced" portfolios recommended by many financial advisors.