"The Jungle Book"

Reviewed by Joy Ramos Davis

Synopsis: Based on the adventures of an orphaned Indian boy named Mowgli, he was raised by his guardians: a pack of wolves and Bagheera, a black panther.  Mowgli's human presence was a threat to Shere Khan, a bengal tiger.  He was determined to kill the boy.  This forced Mowgli to leave the jungle with Bagheera's help.

Warning: Contains Spoilers in the Presentation

Animal Guardians

Welcome to "Conscious Movie Reviews."  I'm Joy Davis and here to review "The Jungle Book," an action and adventure film.

Under the guardianship of black panther Bagheera and wolf pack leaders Akela and Raksha, Mowgli had been imprinted with their animal ways since he was a baby.

To ensure his survival in the jungle, Mowgli's guardians imparted their Animal Medicine, which are virtues already found in his basic character that can surface for practical use in his soul's evolution.

From the panther, his primal instincts intensified, taking on Bagheera's power: the courage to venture into the unknown.

When the panther shows up in your dreams or inner vision, it can signify that you'll need to stay grounded.  It's a time of great transition to release your fears.  The journey is what really matters.  

Bonding with his wolf family forged Mowgli's sense of social connections.  He  channeled their animal power to live by instinct and intuition in order to grasp a situation well, like predatory intentions nearby.

If you have a natural affinity for the Wolf Spirit, it can mean a desire to develop greater discernment about what is true and authentic versus its opposite within yourself or another.

Shere Khan's Threat

During a drought, the animals gathered for water at a spot where they can all drink in peace as part of a truce.  Even Shere Khan, a Bengal tiger, honored the agreement.

 Smelling a "man cub" nearby, it triggered anger in him because he was permanently scarred by a human.  Shere Khan issued his warning: after the drought, Mowgli would be killed.  This was cause for concern and much debate by the wolf pack.  Should Mowgli stay with them or leave?  As a solution, Bagheera offered to escort him to the man village.

When someone shows up on your life's path, pay attention.  Based on the self-help teachings of Byron Katie, she explained that "everyone is a mirror image of yourself  - your own thinking coming back to you."

Shere Khan and Mowgli reflected back to each other the shadow side of their personality that had been denied, which was dealing with intense fear from a potential threat and from unpredictable circumstances.  They had not learned to manage their strong emotions and meet their fears with courage.

Mowgli Runs Away

Narrowly escaping from Shere Khan's ambush, Mowgli escapes deep into the jungle.  He gets caught in the hypnotic hold of Kaa, a giant python.  She continues winding around him while Mowgli is transfixed by her eyes revealing the truth about his father being mauled by Shere Khan, including a vision about the destructive power of "red flower" (also known as fire).

More accurately, Kaa was practicing some form of mind control and not hypnosis. 

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Asher Fox, likes to educate about how to reprogram core beliefs.  It's not that easy.  To gain access to the subconscious mind, you would have to bypass the three levels that protect it.  They are the Critical Gateway, Reticulated Activating System, and Inner Critic.

New Best Friend, Baloo

Rescued by Baloo, a sloth bear, they quickly become good friends.  Mowgli agrees to collect honey from the cliff for Baloo's sustenance and just lazily hang out with him until the start of Winter.

Typical of bears, their Animal Medicine is to emphasize the need for rest so you can find your center and ground yourself in your truth.  It sets up a supportive foundation of staying true to your cherished beliefs from a place of confidence.  You can better stand up for yourself against adversity.

When Bagheera locates Mowgli, he is upset about the living arrangement.  Baloo calms them down, asking that they stay the night and leave for the man village in the morning.      

A Heroic Effort

During the night, Mowgli is drawn to distressing noises from a herd of elephants gathered around the ditch.  He managed to cut enough vine that can pull the baby elephant up to safety.

Mowgli was taught by Bagheera to bow to the elephants.  "They made all of the jungle...show your respect," he commanded.

Living together in a matriarchal society, Elephant Medicine can connect you with ancient wisdom.  They hold the three feminine energies of the child, mother and old wise woman.  You can draw on their spirit of support, nurturance and compassion.

King Louie's Lust for Power

Kidnapped by a band of monkeys, Mowgli is taken to their leader, King Louie at a temple.  He offers protection from Shere Khan in exchange for Mowgli's help to bring him the "red flower."  This would place Louie at the "top of the food chain" in power throughout the jungle.

The element of fire holds great beauty and fury.  It has an alchemical relationship with air to spread quickly, requiring boundaries for tending.  Eastern philosophy regards fire as forceful and primal, representing our personal drive, intention and desire.  For Mowgli, it can mean the "fire in his belly" growing to take action and get his power back.

Confronting Shere Khan

Mowgli was upset to learn from King Louie about Akela's murder.  He was no longer afraid to confront Shere Khan by himself.  Mowgli quietly grabs a fiery torch in the man village to use as a weapon and accidentally sets the jungle ablaze.

Encouraged by Bagheera to fight like a man, Mowgli lures the tiger up a tree's ledge, then fell to his death in the fires below.

Just in time, the elephants show up to take instruction from Mowgli to build a dam that would redirect the river's flow and douse the flames.  Jungle saved!

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