Change  Your  Subconscious  Beliefs  in  Minutes

You've heard me on the Beyond 50 Radio program, and now you are here.

You've come this far, are you willing to go further?

I personally believe that even though we would all like to live a life that truly fulfills us, we tend to find ourselves complain because things just didn't work out as we had hoped. We settle for less than what we want, feeling that somehow we are undeserving or less fortunate than others around us.  Life begins to feel like an endless routine, like Bill Murray experienced in the movie, "Ground Hog Day."

Imagine how this affects you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Curiosity is what brought you here.

Are you committed to discovering your true, Authentic Self?

Now is the time to change your beliefs as necessary.

Begin to use your natural talents to serve the world and live a life that will astound you.

PSYCH-K® is straightforward.  Changing your beliefs by learning to communicate with your subconscious mind - the real driver of your decisions - will at first take effort.


“I discovered PSYCH-K a year ago at a time when my marriage and my physical body were falling apart. An entire lifetime of hiding my true self to keep the peace was finally catching up with me.  I found my body rebelling with a crippling autoimmune disease, a perfect metaphor for the inability to distinguish self from non-self.  PSYCH-K helped me by releasing the trauma and resentments from my childhood, and then giving me the courage to express my full self to my husband and others around me.  I also began to erode the financial blocks and emotional mindset that kept me dependent on someone else to take care of me. I am finally on the road to reaching my highest potential.  I see every day as a gift–a chance to grow and live and be joyful.”  ~ SK, Utah

PSYCH-K can be used by anyone.  Uncover and eliminate ingrained beliefs that no longer serve you and replace with positive beliefs hat would support you, in life.

With PSYCH-K, there is no need to regurgitate your story or over-analyze it, such as with traditional "talk therapy."


"PSYCH-K is a mega-tool for transformation.  Since Rita brought this amazingly simple, yet profound tool into my life, I've experienced countless breakthroughs myself and as a practitioner seeing long-term, life-changing shifts happen within minutes.  PSYCH-K is the most powerful tool I've found to clean up the past so that we can get on with living our lives in love and freedom."  ~ NS,Salt Lake City, Utah.

Begin practicing  PSYCH-K with a certified practitioner, then you can learn in a two day workshop in person, to do PSYCH-K with your own self and with others.

My name is Rita Soman.  I am an internationally respected, certified PSYCH-K facilitator and trainer based near Portland,Oregon. In addition to facilitating PSYCH-K, I also conduct 2 day Basic PSYCH-K workshops.  For my workshop schedule, go to

As you learn to reprogram your subconscious with empowering beliefs, your goals and dreams will seem to  manifest effortlessly.

What Others are Saying:

"I am a scientist with constellation of diseases and overwhelming number of psychological issues that I had been harboring since childhood. I was at the verge of losing it all after having been laid off for a year and my attempts at finding my next opportunity never seem to lead anywhere useful.  I have been desperate for a solution and tried everything I heard about but nothing seem to make sense, until I met Ms. Rita Soman.  Her bottom-up approach towards helping me find the path through PSYCH-K has made me see life in a new way.  She made it possible for me to go to the root of my problems and flip the switch to turn them off.  I look forward to everyday with confidence and optimism.  The changes Ms. Rita helped me achieve are subtle but definite and I like what I am becoming. Must say it feels like my life has just begun!” ~ NSB, Virginia

“I was depressed, very ill, and had no hope for my future.  I contacted Rita Soman to interview her about PSYCH-K on my radio show.  She offered me a session and I began the process of changing my belief system that my life was over and I was going to die.  We continued.  The results were miraculous.  Now two years later I am happy, healthy, and married, have published two books, and have a bright future ahead of me.  I now use PSYCH-K with my clients with the same tremendous results.  I encourage you to not only try, but to continue PSYCH-K sessions until you see the difference for yourself." ~ Melanie Barton, Ed.D, Florida

What do you want your story be?

Get started today and create a life you want!

PSYCH-K Practitioner, Rita Soman

She offers private sessions by phone/in person/via SKYPE

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