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Dr. Gabriel Cousens on Reversing Diabetes in 21 Days

For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, listen to internationally renowned healer and author Gabriel Cousens, MD. educate about how to reverse diabetes, both Type 1 and 2, through his Tree of Life 21-Day+ Program that involves eating a vegan (plant-based) diet, green juice feasting, inner spiritual cleansing, taking supplements and more within 21-days. He has helped many for the last 30 years achieve a normal blood sugar level and alkaline body, proving that it can be done.

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Kitchen Sink Farming:
Easily and Cheaply Sprout Your Own Food

For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, listen to an interview with Jean-Pierre Parent. He is the owner of a probiotic food and drink company in Portland, Oregon.  You can learn from him about sprouting your own food - a method of getting high nutrition very cheaply and easily.  Sprouting seeds increases their nutrient availability, from 50 - 2,000%, with an average of about 500%.

An Abundance of Nutrients & Enzymes

Sprouting by definition, according to Parent, is simply "getting a seed, nut, or grain wet, and keeping it wet, until it grows into a tiny plant,  No farm needed, no garden, no dirt.  Just some water and something to hold in it - that's it."

Structurally, the seeds have a protective layer of Enzyme Inhibitors (EI) that keeps it dormant to prevent sprouting on top of the ground.  By soaking them, it strips the EI to allow for germination.

During the sprouting process, it unleashes the plant's peak, nutritional content and its enzymes are immediately bio-available "by making digestion easier and more effective, increase energy, immunity, mental functioning, and well-being," teaches Parent.

Sprouted seeds have a great abundance of three kinds of enzymes necessary for basic health maintenance: food, digestive and metabolic.  It's a means to energetically regenerate and rebuild your age- or stress-weakened bodily systems.

Best Seeds to Sprout

Some of Parent's favorite seeds to sprout are Broccoli, Chia, Flax and Hemp.  Here's why:

Broccoli - The preferred method is sprouting by basket or bag.  Nutritionally high in Vitamins A, C, and E, and minerals calcium, phosphorous and magnesium.

Chia - The preferred method is sprouting by long soak or clay method.  During pre-Columbia times, a staple diet among the Mayans and Aztecs.  It's the highest plant source of of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids; contains more antioxidants than blueberries; more calcium than milk; and more iron than spinach.  Due to it's mucilaginous nature, it keeps the blood sugar level from spiking by slowing the metabolization and breakdown of sugar and carbohydrates.  Nutritionally high in phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, copper, molybdenum, niacin, and zinc.

Flax - The preferred method of sprouting is by long soak or clay method.  Flax oil is a great source of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids, especially for brain health; contains all the amino acids needed by the body; insoluble fiber detoxifies the colon as a laxative; nourishment for the growth of probiotics (friendly bacteria) in the intestines; and buffers excess stomach acids.

Hemp - The preferred method of sprouting is by jar or bag.  Refrigerate when sprouting begins.  Hemp is one of the best vegetable sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids.  It's a very good plant substitute if you can't have a daily diet of deep-water fish.  Hemp Protein is the highest source of biologically active (or globular) protein to make hormones (like insulin, hemoglobin and plasma, antibodies and enzymes) and structural tissue.  Hemp Oil comes in second to Flax Seed Oil in providing Essential Fatty Acids.  And, it is the only whole food source of two Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: GLA (gamma linoleic acid) and SDA (stearidonic acid) for good immunity.  Nutritionally, hemp is high is potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron and zinc. 

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