INKD: The Future of 3-D Printing

For Beyond 50's "Emerging Trends" talks, listen to an interview with Evelyn Eaglesong.  She'll talk about her fictional story, "INKD" that is based on a prophecy about the near future of 3-D printing that will revolutionize and make obsolete many industries.  This year, the following things have already been printed: guns, houses under $5,000, cars, illegal drugs sold in the black market, chocolate, customized makeup, even human organs. Millions will be displaced and billionaires will be made.  Eaglesong will also discuss about the potential to build great wealth by investing in the stocks of leading, 3-D printing companies.

We're All Makers at Heart

World renowned Futurist Thomas Frey made the comment earlier on-the-air that users of 3-D printing technology are going in a thousand different directions with it.  He forecasted that it would be even bigger than the Internet as a disruptive technology to replace many industries, from manufacturing to the pharmaceutical industry.

As a researcher and intuitive clairvoyant, Eaglesong has been tracking the technological trends and foresees what's to come with 3-D printing that is a mix of creative solutions to solve world problems and potential nightmares:
 - You are currently able to print, based on your desired specifications, your own home, car, clothes, shoes, jewelry, boat, food, toys (in photo above), pharmaceutical drugs, organs (using stem cells with a bio-printer), machines, weapons and much more.  If a software printing code can be made for it, it can and will be printed;

- Harvard Business Graduate Grace Choi (in photo above) is launching this year "Mink" to print your own customized nail polish and makeup to the colors of your choice.  She will also be offering an "online printer hack" to convert your 2D Hewlett Packard printer to 3D;

- Online vendors such as will soon offer software programs and blueprints that you can download on to your own 3D printer.  Imagine printing your own Gucci bag for a fraction of the cost.  Shopping will be done mostly online, making it unnecessary to have malls;

- Dentists can print out custom crowns and bridges right in their offices;

- Many construction workers and those in real estate worldwide will be out of work with the advent of 3D printed Contour homes that will cost several thousand dollars to build within 24 hours.  It is currently being done at the rate of 10 houses built per day;

- As millions of jobs will be lost, a new class of workers called Printing Assemblers will be required to assemble the 3D parts, until robotics takes over;

- And, those with coding or CAD skills will be in high demand; 

A Wealth Building Investment Tip

According to Eaglesong, "Millions will be displaced, billionaires will be created by investing in 3D stock companies."  Some of the ones to consider will be Makerbot, 3DDD Systems, Formblabs, and Local Motors for their 3D Cars.

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