The Seven Habits of Highly Dramatic People

For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with Scott Kalechstein.  He'll go over "The Seven Habits of Highly Dramatic People" so you can hold on to your self-imposed misery in a World Gone Mad!

A former self-help junkie, Kalechstein read all the books, signed up for the courses.  The problem for him was that it worked too well.  He found his power, let go of old beliefs, old pain, and was taking responsibility for his life.

"I had enough!  I was yearning for the days of feeling a victim.  I was remembering with nostalgia what it felt like to blame the government, to blame my parents, or to blame my partner," explained Kalechstein. 

This message is for those who want to reclaim their Victimhood and are "overweight with power, purpose, and passion.  They want to take off a few pounds.  They want to reclaim their guilt, shame, and their drama," he added.

The Seven Habits

To begin with, you'll need to keep in mind that to reclaim your right to be dramatic - to suffer and help others suffer, you'll have to believe and act like your safety, security, and happiness are dependent on people and forces outside of you that you can't control.  Then, try to control them.

There's a pervasive condition in society that needs to be addressed, which is A.A.H.D. (Attention Abundance Happiness Disorder).

Here are the Seven Habits of Highly Dramatic People:

1. Harness the Power of Negative Thinking - It's best to use the "What If" Process.  Ask yourself, "What if (fill in worst case scenario)?"

2. Be Busy Until You're Dizzy - Don't stop to still your mind or smell the roses.  Work, work, work.  Stay over-stimulated.

3. Have a Swinging Good Time - Go from one extreme to another in your behavior and lifestyle.  This is the secret to having drama.

4. Leave Your Inner Child Alone without Parental Guidance - Give it a spanking and tell your inner child to "Get Over It!"  Don't let it feel safe to act in dramatic ways.  This dysfunctional relating begins at home.

5. Get Huge Goals and Maintain Unrealistic Expectations - Enjoy the fruits of failure.  When you achieve emotional instability and emotional imbalance, there's no more boredom.

6. Judge Your Judgments - It's when you beat yourself up for judging.  Then take it to a higher level by beating yourself up when you beat yourself up for judging.

7. Get Grounded in the 3 B's: Blame, Blame, Blame - What else is there to do? 

Some Daily Affirmations

"Every day in every way, I am stressing out over everything real or imagined."

"Everything is coming together to conspire to bring the worst possible outcome to my doorstep."

"Life is against me and I am DOOMED!"

"This or something worst is now manifesting for the highest cost to all concerned."

"I no longer have to work to create my drama.  Drama happens effortlessly and naturally all around me."

"Whatever calamity I can conceive, I can achieve."

"I always have everything I need to manifest everything I don't want and all is HELL in my world."

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