When Disaster Strikes:

Emergency Preparation For
Extreme Cold & Solar Storms

For Beyond 50's "Sustainability" talks, listen to an interview with Matthew Stein. He is back to share his tips for emergency planning. He'll talk about two extremes: crisis survival in extreme snow and ice conditions during the winter when technology fails and solar storms that can cause geomagnetic disturbances. There is a good chance, according to Stein, that a super solar storm (that is 100% guaranteed to happen) can cause meltdowns in many of America's 104 nuclear reactors, leading to extended grid collapse and a nuclear Armageddon. 

       Emergency Preparation for Extreme Cold in a Winter Storm:
*Have enough warm clothing and comforters so that you and your family could sleep and function inside your home 24/7.

*Collect backup sources of heat for both cooking and space heating: wood stove, a large wood pile to burn, and the ability to forage for dead wood in a forested area.

*Have typical "ski clothing" or backcountry clothing to wear.

*A backup electrical power generator.  Even just a small, quiet portable 2 kW generator can make a huge difference on your level of comfort and convenience during a blackout," explained Stein.

The Power of Solar Storms

A super solar flare has the potential for a massive shutdown of the electrical grid for days, weeks or months.  All it takes is a sizable white solar flare eruption from within a sunspot like in 1859 that was called "The Carrington Effect."

"During this storm, Northern Lights were seen as far south as Cuba and Hawaii, awakened hikers in the middle of the night in the Rocky Mountains because the lights were so bright they though it was dawn, and induced current in copper wires so powerful that telegraph lines, towers, and stations caught on fire at numerous locations around the world.  Best estimates are that the Carrington Event was roughly 50 percent stronger than the 1921 incident," explained Stein.

                         Emergency Planning for a Solar Storm:
To survive a solar storm, your chances are better is you grow  your own food, trade and barter goods like skilled services, or manual labor for food and essential items.

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