Hidden Meanings Behind the Movie,
"A Wrinkle in Time"
Reviewed by Joy Davis

Synopsis: Selected by "Conscious Movie Reviews," "A Wrinkle in Time" is a sci-fi, action and adventure drama based on the book by Madeleine L'Engle.  It's been four years since the disappearance of Dr. Alex Murry, an astrophysicist who proposed inter-dimensional travel through a Tesseract that folds time and space.  His children, Meg and Charles, along with their friend Calvin O'Keefe, risk their lives teleporting to the homeland planet of IT, a dark force on Camozotz with the intent of overtaking the Universe with its negativity.  Through the invaluable help of astral travelers, Mrs. Who, Whatsit and Which, the kids are gifted with their wisdom, guidance and a tool for making their rescue mission possible.  They had to be vigilant about overcoming any of IT's attempts at throwing up illusions and mind control methods.

Warning: Spoilers within Presentation

Inter-Dimensional Travel by Tesseract

Welcome to "Conscious Movie Reviews."  I'm your host Joy Davis and here to review "A Wrinkle in Time," a sci-fi, action and adventure drama that is based on the book with the same name.

It's been four years since the disappearance of Alex Murry, an astrophysicist.  He left behind his wife, a fellow scientist, teenage daughter Meg, and prodigious young son, Charles.  His last message was to say that "love is always there, even if you don't feel it; not gone, just unfolded."

Alex worked on a means to efficiently travel the Universe through the mind by folding time and space.  He called it a Tesseract that's based on the theory of Quantum Entanglement.  The trick is to tap into the right frequency for doing inter-dimensional travel.  When Alex discovered that it was the frequency of love, he disappeared. 

The phenomena of Quantum Entanglement, called "spooky action at a distance" by famous theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, explains how we are all interconnected by a force, a unified field, that creates invisible bonds to affect each other, no matter the distance between us.  The folds that Dr. Murry suggested is known in Gravitational Physics as gravitational fields produced by binary black holes.  These fields may reveal other dimensions, like the fifth dimension and beyond.

Inter-dimensional travel is known by many spiritual masters as Direct Projection or Soul Travel.  It's a natural ability we all have to place our attention on a particular location and project ourselves there without physical travel, but through an expansion of consciousness.  You are floating above time, space and concepts of the mind. 

Alex's concept of space travel through a Tesseract can also relate to how we can all unfold to our true selves.  Because at our core being is what we really are -  love.  

Tapping into love's frequency is essential for doing Soul Travel because through love, it can relax a strong will and release any fear of going into the unknown.  Only the bold and adventuresome can travel the higher worlds of God. 

Meeting Mrs. Whatsit

At school, Meg endured taunts by her classmates.  She was called crazy, like her father, who abandoned his family.  Meg grew aggressive and hostile towards them, landing her in big trouble.  Even the school principal doubted his return, so Meg walked out.  

Meg's adoptive brother understood her best.  Charles was outspoken about his sister having more potential than anyone.  It was his telepathic ability to tune in to people's thoughts and feelings, combined with his extraordinary intelligence, that made him special.

That evening, Charles welcomed his quirky friend, Mrs. Whatsit, to their home. Threatened by her strangeness, Mrs. Murry asked her to leave for the family's protection.  Before going out the door, she confirmed that "there really is such a thing as a Tesseract."  It was shocking news.

Charles Wallace represents a new generation of children called "Star Kids" that was coined by Meg Blackburn Losey.  She describes them as being slim with smaller bodies than most kids, along with bigger heads, small mouths and rounder eyes.  Natural inventors, they lean towards the sciences and technology.  They have a loving nature and are stewards of the planet.  Star Kids can exhibit telepathic and telekinetic abilities.  They are even aware of other dimensional realities and the beings within them.   

The Three Mrs. Show Up

Calvin O' Keefe, a popular classmate at Meg's school, felt a strong urge to join Charles and his sister on their way to visit Mrs. Who -  another one of Charles' strange acquaintances.  She spoke only in quotes by famous people. 

When the kids were introduced to Mrs. Which, an otherworldly being, they learned that these three women are responding to a distress call and seeking more Warriors of Light.  As proof, everyone in the group was teleported to Uriel, a lushly beautiful and colorful planet.

Mrs. Whatsit, Who and Which are a combination of wayfarers and personal success coaches.  They serve a higher purpose as guides for inter-dimensional travelers, pointing out the pitfalls and dangers along the way.  

Travel to the Planet Uriel

At Uriel, they were greeted by friendly flowers that were quick to gossip about witnessing Dr. Murry tesseract earlier, to and from their planet.  Mrs. Whatsit transformed herself into a flying lettuce for the kids' benefit.  From above, they could experience flight and see a black cloud known as "IT." 

The flowers resembled the Pink Monkeyflower in appearance.  Based on the teachings of the Flower Essence Society, when you take in the Pink Monkeyflower's essence, it has a healing effect on the heart to keep it open and risk vulnerability to experience the warmth of human love and affection - a healing balm for Meg.  

Flowers that gossip relate to how plants can eavesdrop, then share the information within their network.  They are also sentient, responding to humans in a manner that amounts to ESP.  These findings are based on the research by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, co-authors of "The Secret Life of Plants."

A Rescue Mission to Bring Back Dr. Murry

By going to the Happy Medium, he coached Meg to center herself and let go of any mental resistance to locate her father.  In her mind's eye, she saw him being held a prisoner on Camazotz, the homeland of IT.  Dr. Murry needed rescuing at once, before the darkness overtakes the Universe.

As a seer, the Happy Medium, helped to open Meg's inner eyes to see events that are far away.  Clairvoyance is a natural ability we all possess that takes great practice to master.  

Mrs. Which pointed out that when we operate from our lower natures of greed, anger, pride, selfishness and low self-esteem, we're acting as channels for this negative force to spread.  It has a downward pull to keep us stuck in the illusions of matter, energy, space and time that our ego-based minds believe to be the true reality. 

Camazotz: A Planet of Illusions

Instead of heading back to Earth, Meg changed course for all of them to tesseract to Camazotz.  The three Mrs. couldn't stay long from the force of darkness weakening their light.  Because Meg was intent on rescuing her father, they left her with three gifts: Mrs. Who's glasses to see what has unfolded; the knowledge of Meg's faults, and ordering them to stay together.

Warned that Camazotz is a planet of many faces, the first illusion thrown at the kids was a violent hurricane.  It symbolized Meg's feelings that can be out-of-control, like her emotional outbursts toward others from being angry and insecure.  She used her knowledge of science to slingshot them to safety.  Calvin was effusive in praising Meg for being incredible with great hair.  

Walking into a suburban neighborhood, they noticed how kids bounced a red ball in unison - playing until their Moms called them in for dinner.  The sound of a rhythmic pulse around them hurt Charles' ears.  

The scene shows how IT uses mind control to affect the people of this world.  Their behavior represents the social consciousness of man.  Users of the internet are connected as one mind, but not one heart.  They are really under the pervasive influence of IT that can stand for Information Technology.    

Red with Red Eyes

The scene changed again to find themselves on a crowded beach. Dressed in a colorful suit, IT's bodyguard, Red, approached them to offer food that tasted like sand and assure them that Dr. Murry is safe and happy.  Charles fell under his hypnotic spell through the rhythm of reciting the times table together.  With red eyes, he peered at Meg and Calvin to say, "Thanks for everything.  You lead him right to us."  

Having red eyes is symbolic of being angry with bad intentions.  Charles represents the inner child under the spell of high tech gadgets created by technocrats.  Because he tended to over-intellectualize, Charles was prone to mind control by the artificial intelligence of IT.   

Calvin's Illusion of Perfection

Meg and Calvin ran after Charles into the Central Intelligence building that was all in white and empty.  When he came out to see them, Charles was brutally honest about exposing Calvin's weakness of being a people pleaser, especially towards his abusive father.  He didn't want to be a burden to him or anyone.

Calvin projected perfection to the world that was an illusion, in order to gain easy acceptance.  Unfortunately, maintaining this illusion takes work - energies that could be used to give himself love, acceptance and approval.  He admired Meg for not hiding her true nature from the world.  She was authentically herself that was perfection to Calvin.

Let There Be Light and Love

By wearing Mrs. Who's glasses, Meg was able to see the invisible staircase leading to an orange room.  She climbed it to find her father being held hostage.

Discovering the stairway revealed an underlying pattern of complex mathematical formulas behind all things that's called Fractal Geometry.  It's a visual expression of divine energy and the multi-dimensional nature of the infinite.

Charles showed up again to accuse his father of abandoning the family for selfish gain.  He dragged them before his master to place Meg and Calvin under IT's control.  Alex opened a tesseract for their return back to Earth, but without Charles. 

Meg refused to leave her brother behind.  She confronted IT that looked like a mind with neurons firing.  Charles did his best to put his sister down by presenting a perfect version of Meg.  Instead of falling for this emotional trap, she appealed to her brother with reminders of love.  IT weakened its mental grip on Charles for the kids to tesseract away from the planet.  

Meg had embraced her outer imperfections to realize that she is inherently good, perfect and whole within - everyone's true nature.  Whenever we believe we're less than that, it's a lie perpetuated by the ego-mind that keeps us separate from others.

Brandon Bays, a self-help expert, explains that "we worship the thoughts coming through awareness, believing them to be real, instead of trusting something deeper than our minds, something that only arises in thought-free awareness - grace."

A Warrior of Light Realized

Before heading back home, the three Mrs. expressed their jubilation to Meg.  She was now a true warrior, like all those who came before her who were willing to face their darkness to bring their best light to the world. 

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