Hidden Meanings Behind the "Jumanji" 

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Review by Joy Davis

Welcome to "Conscious Movie Reviews."  I'm your host Joy Davis and here to review the two films, "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" and "Jumanji: The Next Level" that are fantasy, action and adventure comedies.  The story follows four teens and two elder men who go into the virtual world of Jumanji through a video game console.  They take on avatars and given challenges in a life-or-death game of survival that grants them only three lives to earn their return back home as their former selves.

Instead of my usual, in-depth analysis, I offer this time, on outline of the top ten life lessons that can be learned from watching "Jumanji":  

Number One: We often Soul Travel in a natural way to the source of a creator's creativity within the inner worlds.  The portal can be through listening to music, what you read, watch on TV, or even by playing video games.  But, is this a world you'd like to visit?

Number Two: Adi Karma, also known as Soul Purpose Karma, is given before birth to provide you with a set of strengths and weaknesses that make up your character and specific life challenges to overcome. Discovering our true life's purpose is part of the adventure.

Number Three: Get to know your True Self beyond the personality, no matter what physical body you reside in.  

Number Four: You carry the same consciousness into each lifetime.  When you're too attached to a gender, your next incarnation can be of the opposite sex for inner balance.

Number Five:  Life is convoluted like a video game with laws that govern each level of reality and new skills that must be mastered.  Any move made can either cost you points in a karmic way or add points towards your freedom.

Number Six: The challenges you're given are for your spiritual unfoldment.  God only gives you what you can handle.  Three strikes in life does not mean you're totally out.  

Number Seven: Age is a mindset.  You are both aging and ageless.

Number Eight:  Feeling stuck in life is a form of inner death.  We can take on new tastes and preferences for renewal.

Number Nine: If we switched roles, we'd understand each other more out of compassion.

And, Number Ten: The only thing holding us back is an attachment to the illusions of the mind and fear.  As Soul, we're already free - free to be the creator of our own inner and outer worlds. 

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