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Calling in the One:
Attracting Your Soul Mate in 7 Weeks

For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with Katherine Woodward Thomas. Her talk is for those of you seeking to bring a deep and magical love into your life. It can take up to 7 weeks or even less through her exercises to help you recognize and clear your "inner" obstacles so that you can meet "The One." Katherine has helped thousands attract a partner for a loving, committed, romantic union. 

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Intuition on Demand

For Beyond 50's "Spirituality" talks, listen to an interview with Lisa K. She is the creator of Developing Your Intuition, where she teaches a step-by-step process on how to control your intuition so you can use it when you want and on what you want. Develop your intuition from scratch. She taught this to friends and eventually hundreds of people around the world with immediate, stunning results. 

What is Intuition?

Lisa K. offers a simple definition of intuition as "knowing without knowing how you know it."  The source of the information, whether it is from within or not, comes from beyond us.  She offers ten key secrets to intuition:

1. Be Relaxed and Open - Intuitive information is best received when you are receptive and passive.  Intuition comes through in a neutral and unemotional way, so you must be the same to receive it.  

2. No Figuring It Out, No Judging the Answer - The greatest inhibitor of your intuition is allowing the ego mind to get in the way through analysis and judgment, leading you to make wrong conclusions.  Intuitive messages come in pieces that don't entire make sense until they are pieced together.

3. Fragments and Symbols - Intuitive messages are given in bits, piecemeal that's short and fleeting.  The symbolic pieces can be fitted together for its meaning.

4. Signs Outside of You - The Universe can offer signs from your environment through synchronicity.  The guided message given can be a sign that leads you towards the complete answer.

5. Believing = Power - The key to accessing your intuition is by having belief and trust that you're receiving intuitive answers.  Doubt blocks it.

6. Outside Tools - There are divination tools (like the I-Ching, tarot cards and runes) that are designed to get you out of your egoic mind and be more open to your intuitions.

7. Trigger Your Intuition By Asking - When you ask your mind a question for a response, it's the same process in working with your intuition.  Try asking for a message for the best outcome and for your highest good.

8. You Get What You Get And You Don't Get Upset - Intuition can give you a message in pieces, so just let go to receive.  You can ask a question about each piece, then put them together to better understand more accurately.  When you push to get a message, your intuition can become elusive, even corrupting it.

9. Ask for Clarity - It's a process of questioning to better understand what an intuitive answer really means.  By asking within, you get a fuller picture and the entire message.

10. "Where's the Bathroom?" - This is an exercise of being in a state of openness (that is quiet and non-judgmental) to whatever answer comes when you ask your intuition a question that is clear without the mental clutter.

"The Intuition On Demand Technique"

Lisa K. developed "The Intuition On Demand Technique" because intuition for most happens inconsistently.  You can make intuition happen when you want detailed information.  

The basic elements require regular practice of going through the five steps:

 A = Ask a Question to stimulate the intuitive mind into giving you a response.  There is a right way of asking it questions to trigger your intuition for answers.

 B = Be Open with an open state of mind so that your intuition is not corrupted by thought confusion.

 C = Collect and Receive whatever pieces of information your intuitive mind sends in its own language (of images, sounds, symbols, thoughts and feelings) that can be non-sequential, sometimes in a holistic way.  

 D = Do it Again involves repeating the first three steps to receive even more pieces of intuitive information that comes through as fragmented pieces of symbols and signs. 

 P = Practice, Practice, Practice!  The benefits of practicing your intuition regularly is that you'll more intuitive information at a faster pace.

*If you'd like to learn how to do "The Intuition on Demand Technique," the exercises are offered in the book by Lisa K. called "Intuition on Demand."

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