For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, listen to an interview with Kathleen O'Bannon. She will talk about her step-by-step program to reduce anger, rage,negativity, violence and depression in your life.  Anger is not just an emotion - it's a way of life based on all the things you eat, think, and do. Specific biological, nutritional, and psychological states feed anger.  O'Bannon will also explain about a series of test to help you diagnose what's causing your anger problem.  Based on that you can make lifestyle changes necessary to cure it.  For instance, spikes in your blood sugar after you eat a candy bar instead of a nutritious lunch can cause anger attacks, as do yeast infections, a lack of B vitamins, and excess stress.

                        Some Culprits That Bring Out Anger:

B Vitamin Complex Deficiencies - By examining the quality of your tongue, lips and hands, you can determine a vitamin B deficiency.  This can be addressed by determining your Vitamin B robbers (like stress, eating white sugar and white flour and drinking alcohol) and taking nutritional supplements.

Low Blood Sugar - Hypoglycemia from low blood sugar can contribute to low self-esteem, lack of initiative, low sex drive and laziness.  Diabetes can double the risk for Depression.  And, food allergies can imbalance your blood sugar, leading to anger. 

Syndrome X - This condition is also known as insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. It can show up  as obesity, blood-fat abnormalities and hypertension.  When there's a chemical imbalance in the blood sugar, the brain chemicals serotonin and beta-endorphines are lowered, giving rise to angry responses.

Yeast Growth - Low blood sugar and suppression of the immune system can cause a craving for foods with yeast in it.  Yeast overgrowth can lead to anger, depression, mood swings, aggression and anxiety.

Overworked and Exhausted Adrenal Glands - This can trigger over-reactive, knee-jerk displays of anger.  The adrenal glands are involved in blood sugar and insulin secretion, Syndrome X, diabetes, anger, stress, and fight-or-flight reactions.

Overworked and Exhausted Liver - Considered the "seat of anger" in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  When there's too much toxicity in the body, this can overload the liver and gallbladder, resulting in anger and nastiness.  Heavy drinking can damage the liver over time, leading to not only anger, but a host of physical problems, from liver cirrhosis and alcoholic psychosis to chronic pancreatitis.

*To Hear the Interview, Click on This Link: The Anger Cure

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